No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2641

Jackie nodded, not saying anything more.

He had thought that the results would be individually scored. He had thought that all he needed to do was to make sure his own results were better than his counterpart. He never expected that the scores would be totaled up.

Claude could not remain calm after hearing that and questioned, “So the results of the test are totaled? Then this guy…”

He did not continue what he said, but there was no need. Everyone naturally knew what Claude was thinking about. In Claude’s eyes, Jackie would definitely drag them down.

If the tournament had been an individual one, Claude would not have been so emotional, even if he would still be angered that Jackie would drag them down. However, if all of their scores were totaled together, then even Claude and Benedict would be dragged down if Jackie did not do well!

Elder Maurice would report the total score when he reported to the higher-ups. Then, the two of them would look really bad, so how could Claude calmly accept that fact?

Elder Maurice frowned as he replied to Claude unhappily, “Is there something wrong with your head? Of course, the score will be totaled.

“If it was an individual contest, and one person exceeded everyone’s scores by an immense amount, but the other two did not do well, how would it be judged? How would you gauge the scores of the alchemists from both sides?

The others immediately understood after hearing Elder Maurice’s explanation. The tournament was not just down to individual skills. The scores had to be totaled up to really show the average strength.

It had always been a battle between two forces, so it was naturally the total score that would be judged. However, Claude suddenly felt like he was being dragged down even harder. He got furious even looking at Jackie.

He panted roughly as his face scrunched up in anger, “Jackie! No matter what, you have to do your best. If you drag the two of us down and both of us end up in trouble, I absolutely won’t let you off!”

Jackie frowned speechlessly. There were times when he really wanted to rush toward Claude and give him a slap on the face to wake him up.

He grunted lightly as he said coldly, “Can you act a bit more normal? Can you just listen to what I’ve said to you before?

“How do you know I will drag you down? In my eyes, you’ll be the one dragging us down. Please look at yourself in the mirror first!”

Claude almost got a stroke with how angry he was at Jackie. His entire body even started to shake. Claude had continuously challenged Jackie but never seemed to get the upper hand.

Claude was like a stubborn child. No matter how much he suffered from it, he would still confidently mock Jackie the next time.

After that, he would be shouted back at by Jackie, and end up angering himself greatly. Benedict grabbed Claude’s arm helplessly.

“Stop trying to talk to him. This guy’s just never been punished before and doesn’t know his place. He probably thinks he’ll get good results in the tournament, which is why he is so confident. He’ll face reality in just a moment!”


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