No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2640

Their expressions turned more serious the more they spoke. Elder Maurice in particular had his brows furrowing tighter and tighter.

Even though it was not clear what they were talking about, a lot could be learned from Elder Maurice’s expression. If Bradley really was that talented, then it would be over for them in the tournament.

Elder Maurice had been incredibly confident in their lineup, but there was no way he could keep up his good mood after knowing Bradley’s talent.

Claude stood by the side as he whispered, “Even though Bradley is quite talented, it doesn’t mean we’ve lost…”

He was not willing to admit defeat. Even though he had never participated in the inner valley tests, Claude did not feel like he lacked any talent. He had always done very

well in Phoenix Valley and had done much better than his peers.

He did not know how one gets qualified to get into Phoenix Valley, but he felt that he was more than qualified to take the test and enter Phoenix Valley.

Jackie could not help but let out a cold smile at those words. He had seen many people like Claude. All of them felt like their talents were better than everyone else, and that no one could beat them.

Everything was good and all the honor belonged to them. However, Jackie felt like they had that attitude only because they were arrogant.

After entering Phoenix Valley, Jackie had asked Lou how one could get into the inner valley. Lou had said assuringly that he did not know how to get into the inner valley because that was a big secret.

The inner valley would constantly observe all the alchemists in the outer valley. The ones they thought were qualified would go through a test to enter. There were times when even excellent, high-ranked alchemists were not accepted by the inner valley.

The inner valley never had any sort of testing standards, nor had anyone ever seen how they were chosen. The more secretive it was, the more curious Jackie got about the inner valley.

Elder Maurice said in anger, “No wonder that guy’s still in the mood to drink tea. He was already prepared! However, what’s wrong with Bradley? He actually didn’t want something as amazing as the inner valley!

“He’s now suddenly at the Sky Peak Pavilion and one of their alchemists. What sort of place is the Sky Peak Pavilion? They’ve never produced any notable alchemists before, so why would he choose this place?”

Elder Maurice got angrier the more he thought about it. He was already struggling to even keep his voice down. Mr. Zayne frowned and said in exasperation, “There’s definitely something happening behind the scenes that we don’t know about. We did not care about it that much that time, since there are already so many masters in Phoenix Valley, but I never expected him to be standing on the opposite side of us, helping the Sky Peak Pavilion fight over our resources!”

Elder Maurice’s face darkened a little, “The Middle Province Alchemist Alliance has always been the gathering spot for the alchemists of Middle Province. Every single alchemist would fight incredibly hard to enter the alliance.

“Yet this brat is trying to go against the grain! If he ruins things for us today, I’ll make sure he pays!” Elder Maurice was incredibly furious.

There were too many variables at this point.

Even though the test has yet to start, Elder Maurice was already worried about the final result. Everything pointed to the tournament that day spiraling out of his control.

After he sighed, he suddenly turned to look at Jackie and the others. He reached out and grabbed Jackie’s arm before exclaiming, “The first test determines the total scores of everyone. You must not drag us down, understand?!”


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