No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2639

Even though Mr. Zayne did not say a word, Claude could sense the mockery behind his cold smile. At that moment, Claude felt even more unhappy with the situation.

Neither of them knew how to get into the inner valley, and they had never received the test before. The two of them had thought that it was because neither of them had any noticeable breakthroughs as seventh-grade alchemists.

Yet, it seemed that it was purely because they were not talented enough! When Jackie heard that, he got even more curious about the inner valley.

Jackie had not planned on staying in Phoenix Valley for that long. He felt like Phoenix Valley was an incredibly dangerous place. If he stayed there for too long, it was possible he would end up being pulled in, but Jackie was beginning to sway from that decision.

He really wanted to see why the inner valley was so mysterious. Even with so much at stake, the higher-ups of Phoenix Valley were not willing to send them. There had to be a reason for that.

Jackie narrowed his eyes as various thoughts swam in his head. While he was occupied with his thoughts, Mr. Zayne suddenly let out a surprised exclamation.

The few of them followed his gaze curiously. Mr. Zayne faced forward as he looked in the direction of the members of the Sky Peak Pavilion. Jackie followed his gaze and noticed that Mr. Zayne was staring at Bradley.

Mr. Zayne frowned as he scanned Bradley up and down a few times. He looked like he had seen something through Bradley. After a while, Mr. Zayne finally said, “I keep feeling like I’ve seen Bradley before! As for where I met him, I can’t really recall. Why do I keep feeling like he looks really familiar?”

After that, Elder Maurice hurriedly asked, “He looks familiar to you? You’ve seen him somewhere before?”

Mr. Zayne did not answer Elder Maurice immediately and merely continued staring at Bradley. He looked like he wanted to skin Bradley alive.

After a moment, Mr. Zayne finally slapped his head in realization.

“I remember now! It’s the test from the inner valley a year ago! Bradley was there! Elder Maurice, weren’t you sent off on an errand then? The few of us were left behind to help out.

“The guy had a very good showing that time. I was sure he would be accepted into the inner valley, but his family suddenly changed their mind. They paid a very big price to bring Bradley out!”

Those words caused everyone there to widen their eyes. That piece of news was too shocking. Turns out that Bradley was also part of Phoenix Valley before and had even taken the test.

“He had performed excellently in Phoenix Valley and was just a step away from being accepted into the inner valley before he was brought away by his family. They had paid a large price as well.”

Elder Maurice’s expression changed immediately to those words. He quickly pulled Mr. Zayne’s arm and said, “Keep your voice down! Tell me about it in detail!”

Jackie was suddenly speechless at Elder Maurice’s words. It was obvious Elder Maurice did not want everyone else to hear it. Mr. Zayne proceeded to whisper into Elder Maurice’s ears after that as they talked in private for a long time.


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