No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2638

After noticing that something was wrong, Elder Maurice pulled the four of them aside to an empty space. He was not in the mood to be drinking tea with Master Forrest. His emotions were all over the place at that moment.

“We have to think of a counterplan!” Elder Maurice said indignantly.

Mr. Zayne’s lips twitched in mild exasperation as he carefully said, “Things have already advanced to this point, what kind of counterplan could we have? We can’t possibly have a change of contestants at this point.

“Actually, I was very curious about this. If this tournament is so important, why didn’t we send alchemists from the inner valley?” Mr. Zayne’s words caused Elder Maurice to feel even more helpless.

When Jackie heard that, he perked up his

ears as he looked toward Claude and Benedict. Turns out the two of them did not come from the inner valley.

That was actually incredibly strange to Jackie. The two of them had acted so arrogantly that Jackie had thought that they were from the inner valley. After all, the inner valley was the core of Phoenix Valley.

Only the best of Phoenix Valley gathered there, but after Mr. Zayne’s words, Jackie finally realized that he was completely wrong. The two of them were not from the inner valley but were alchemists from the outer valley.

However, Jackie had never met the two of them before! Elder Maurice shook his head helplessly and replied, “This is something out of my control. With how complicated the current situation is, we can’t use the power of the inner valley. We can’t have them reveal themselves, they have to be our last line of defense!”

Mr. Zayne obviously could not tell the meaning behind that explanation, and only saw that Elder Maurice was filled with a sense of helplessness. After Jackie heard those words, he frowned as well.

He thought about those words in his mind over and over again. Why could they not use the power of the inner valley? The inner valley was full of secrets, but seventh grade alchemists were not some secret that nobody knew.

Why were they unable to leave the inner valley? Why were they the last line of defense? Jackie got more confused the more he thought about it. Mr. Zayne’s lips twitched, not knowing what to say.

Elder Maurice looked even more worried at that moment. He felt like he was going to start growing gray hair. Initially, Claude and Benedict were still standing by the side as they rested and listened to Elder Maurice.

The more they listened, the more it felt off. Mr. Zayne’s words seemed to be questioning their skills and talents. Claude could not accept that.

Claude let out a slight cough as he said, “I doubt those people really amount to anything. Even though we’re not from the inner valley, it’s only a matter of time before we get in. Mr. Zayne, you don’t have to look down on us like that…”

Mr. Zayne’s lips twitched when he heard that, almost rolling his eyes at them. Elder Maurice let out a small laugh as he said without any mercy, “Do you think the inner valley is somewhere you can just get into if you want to? Even though you’re both seventh-grade alchemists now, the test to get into the inner valley has never been about how good you are as an alchemist, but about your actual talent!

“Even a sixth-grade alchemist can be chosen to enter at any time if they’re talented enough. The two of you have been in Phoenix Valley for quite some time, but you’ve never received the test before. That proves that you have no right to enter the inner valley.”

Elder Maurice’s words held nothing back as they damaged their pride. Claude widened his eyes in disbelief, while Benedict was so angry his fists were clenched up and shaking.

If Elder Maurice had not been the one speaking, the two of them would definitely have kicked up a fuss. After hearing those words, Mr. Zayne let out a cold smile.


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