No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2637

Bradley acted as if everything that was happening around him was not that significant. The more Bradley acted like that, the more suspicious Jackie was. Could something be different about Bradley?

Before every test, the contestants would always be given fifteen minutes to calm themselves down. That amount of time was not too long, but it was not that short either.

Claude and Benedict had not found anything wrong with the situation. Ever since Master Forrest announced that the fifteen minutes had started, the two of them had their eyes shut as they started to prepare themselves.

However, Jackie was different from the two of them. Jackie did not need to prepare as they did. He had always been the most composed one. At the start, five of them were silent, but after a while, Elder Maurice could not hold it in.

He turned to look at Mr. Zayne and lowered his voice, “Actually, I’ve never thought we would ever lose in this tournament. After all, Sky Peak Pavilion might be an eighth grade clan, but they still focus on martial arts.

“Phoenix Pavilion doesn’t only have martial artists, but large amounts of alchemists as well. I’ve never thought for a moment that our alchemists would lose to them. That has never changed.

“Even though Jackie appeared, I feel like our chances of winning are still very high with Claude and Benedict. Yet, just look at Master Forrest, he looks like he’s incredibly confident. I refuse to believe he’d be so idle if he did not prepare anything!”

After saying that, Elder Maurice’s lips were pursed into a line. He narrowed his eyes slightly as various thoughts danced in his

head. Mr. Zayne frowned slightly, feeling like something was wrong as well.

At that moment, Master Forrest was idly holding his teacup and leisurely sipping his tea. He looked like a customer at a teahouse. However you looked at it, it seemed like he was not concerned about the results at all.

Mr. Zayne took a deep breath and whispered back, “I think they must have made some preparations. After all, this involves a lot of benefits. If they lose, they’ll end up paying a greater price.

“Since he represents Sky Peak Pavilion, he would naturally want the best for them. He doesn’t need to think about anything else. The fact that he’s so calm means he’s confident in this tournament. He has definitely come prepared!”

When Elder Maurice heard that, his expression soured. He even clenched his fists slightly as his breathing quickened a little.

Elder Maurice felt incredibly helpless. He felt his composure coming and going in waves. He was the person in charge of the tournament this time. If they lost the tournament and Phoenix Valley ends up having to pay a greater price, he would definitely be berated harshly. He would be given the relevant punishment as well.

Those were actually secondary, he was more afraid that his position would be threatened. Thinking about that, he could not help but curse Elder Rick for being so petty and despicable.

If someone else was there instead of Jackie, he might be more confident. Even though Jackie had given his guarantee before, Elder Maurice was not someone who just believed the words of others.

He would not believe in Jackie before he witnessed Jackie’s skills for himself.

“This time, defeat is absolutely not allowed! Do you all hear me?!” Elder Maurice said in a low voice.


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