No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2636

After the six contestants saw the runes that they needed to complete, all of them had concerned expressions except for Jackie.

All of them were really worried and scared that they would not perform well. Other than Jackie, the other five contestants were considered quite skilled back at their irrespective forces.

They were quite confident in their own skills and were always proud of themselves when they went out. However, this time they looked like they were in trouble.

Conrad from Sky Peak Pavilion frowned and said, “Isn’t this test a bit too hard? Two thousand pill runes, it would already be amazing if I managed to complete eighty percent of them.

“If seventy-five percent of those runes I completed were passable, then I would have performed beyond any expectations. This

will probably be the worst result I’ve gotten since I became an alchemist.”

Conrad’s words resonated with everyone around him. All of them nodded, but Jackie was the only one who quietly observed the condensing card.

Jackie was constantly searching for those incomplete runes in his memories. He had already shut himself out from whatever anyone else was saying.

At that moment, Master Forrest suddenly said, “This tournament means a lot this time. It would be meaningless if we used only easy questions.”

After that, Master Forrest looked over at Bradly. Bradley merely nodded without much emotion on his face. He looked exceptionally calm, which Elder Maurice and Jackie both caught.

The two of them frowned at the same time, feeling like that expression must mean something. Master Forrest let out a cough

and said, “You’ll have fifteen minutes to prepare yourself. After all, the tournament is an important matter this time. All of you have to maintain a calm state.”

After saying that, Master Forrest turned around and sat on his chair. He sipped on some tea that was brought over. Master Forrest seemed incredibly calm and collected to any outsider.

He had calmly explained the rules and sat back down. He even continued casually sipping his tea. In Jackie’s eyes, there was definitely something up. He frowned as he turned to look at Elder Maurice next to him.

Elder Maurice had his eyebrows furrowed and were deep in thought as well. With the two of them behaving like that, Jackie immediately knew that something was wrong. Even though there was nothing odd with how Master Forrest was acting, he was being far too composed.

It was as though the tournament did not seem to matter at all to him. Master Forrest had been in Sky Peak Pavilion for so many years. He did not rise to power purely because of his skill, but his scheming ways as well.

It was a tournament that involved many benefits. Even Elder Maurice was nowhere near as calm as Master Forrest. It was as if the results were not that important at all. Thinking about that, Jackie raised an eyebrow as he looked over at the three contestants on the other side.

There did not seem to be anything wrong with them. The one called Bradley had left the most profound impression on Jackie. It was not only because of the look Master Forrest had shot Bradley.

Ever since he saw Bradley, Jackie noticed there was not much emotion on the guy’s face. Even when he was introduced to everyone, people were looking at him with a confused gaze, but he maintained a calm expression.


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