No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2635

That was not something Jackie wanted to see happening.

He let out a sigh as he looked at Claude and Benedict next to him. The two of them had regretful looks on their faces. It seemed like they did not know the secret behind the truth of the war.

Jackie turned to look at Mr. Zayne. Even though Mr. Zayne did his best to compose himself, Jackie still managed to see a hint of curiosity in his eyes. It seemed like Mr. Zayne was out of the loop, too.

The higher-ups kept everything tightly under wraps, much like a secretive massive chessboard. If the two forces were really at the stage of being such irreconcilable enemies, the secrets should not have been guarded so strictly.

The only reason left, then, was that the secret involved incredible benefits for either side. Jackie became even more confused as he thought about it, feeling like there were far too many things hidden from everyone.

As Jackie was deep in his thoughts, Master Forrest had his subordinates bring in the tools required for the tournament. There were a total of six condensation cards, and each card had 2000 pill runes within.

Not a single rune in them was complete. Some lacked 80 percent, while some lacked half.

Jackie immediately knew what the first match would entail the moment he saw it. It was like the test that Jackie had gone through in the Elder Hall back then. The six of them would all have to fill up 2000 pill runes.

Just like Jackie had thought, Master Forrest, acting as the host of the tournament,

started to read out the rules as he pointed at the six cards, “Everyone should be familiar

with the first match today. You should have gone through this test plenty of times back at your respective places.

“The requirements for the match are more or less the same as what you’ve experienced. The six of you will have a condensation card each. There are two thousand pill runes that are incomplete within them.

“The runes are a lot more lacking than the ones you would’ve had to fill before. After you fill up the runes, you have to achieve a sixty-percent refinement rate. Any pill runes with a fifty-percent refinement rate will be marked as failures.”

Everyone nodded at that. Even though they had all gone through this test before, only a fool would not know that the test they were about to go through would be far harder than anything they had gone through.

Claude glanced at the condensation card and could not help but whisper, “My gosh,so many of these pill runes are incredibly hard to understand! Almost half of them are pill runes that are only used in eighth grade pills and above. This test cannot be underestimated…”

Benedict frowned and said, “The degree of incompletion isn’t uniform either. Some of them are even lacking as much as eighty percent. We only have twenty percent of the pill rune to figure out what it is, and we still need to fill it up. This is a little too hard.

“If it’s only half incomplete, I’d be quite confident, but now? I don’t even know how I’ll perform!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he looked at the condensation cards. He had to say that he did not blame Benedict for losing his confidence. He had gone through the same test in the Elder Hall before, but it had been far easier.

Even though the pill runes were incomplete that time as well, the degree was just half or

60-percent at most. At the very least, they could figure out what the original rune looked like from the parts that remained.

A pill rune that only had 20-percent was only left with a corner. The difficulty was raised several times. Even very skilled seventh-grade alchemists were not necessarily able to figure out what the original rune looked like just from 20 percent of the rune, let alone with limited time.

Due to how young they were, they had not been seventh-grade alchemists for that long. They were very talented but lacked the time put into the craft.


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