No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2634

“Impossible!” exclaimed Master Forrest with widened eyes.

He took a deep breath before he said, “A war wouldn’t have broken out if you hadn’t known what’s inside. The two sides are fighting because what’s inside is far too valuable.

“You want it for yourselves; that’s why you just started a war right away! We’re not little children here! Do you think your words will throw me off?”

Elder Maurice frowned, feeling like Master Forrest was borderline obsessed at this point. He seemed insistent on getting to the truth right there, but Elder Maurice did not get angered at all. Instead, he looked at Master Forrest earnestly.

“The Valley of Enlightenment is definitely part of the reason our two forces are fighting, but there are many more complicated reasons as well. As for the actual reason, I can’t tell you-it’s Phoenix Valley’s secret.”

Master Forrest’s face darkened, not trusting what Elder Maurice said. However, Elder Maurice had no obligation to reveal the secret to Master Forrest. Just sparing him so much time on the matter was already incredibly polite to Master Forrest.

Elder Maurice took a deep breath before he said seriously, “Master Forrest, you’ve already asked the questions you wanted to, and I’ve answered everything. As for whether you believe it or not, that’s not something I can control.

“It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, for all of this is the truth. Today, I brought our people over not because I wanted to answer your questions. It’s late. Should we start the tournament?”

Elder Maurice’s words completely stuffed

Master Forrest’s questions back into his mouth. Master Forrest’s face stiffened, finally realizing that he had gotten a bit too excited.

The most important thing he had to do that day was to hold the tournament for the younger generation. If the Sky Peak Pavilion lost, their future negotiations would involve much higher prices for them to pay.

Master Forrest took a deep breath as he repressed his skittishness. He forced out a smile as he turned to face everyone. “Elder Maurice is right; those questions aren’t the main focus of today. The tournament is more important!”

That signaled the end of the questions.

Even Jackie let out a regretful look on his face. He wanted to know so badly why the two forces went to war, too.

This question had been in his head for a very long time, and he would often find himself wondering about the truth behind everything. He kept on feeling like the matter involved a lot of things behind the scenes.

There had to be an immense reward awaiting them if the two forces were willing to ignore the inquisitive looks of others as well as potentially damage their foundation. After all, the Unbreaking Pavilion was at the peak of the eighth grade clans.

Even though the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance had its roots in Middle Province for a very long time, the Unbreaking Pavilion clearly had a very strong foundation to dare to go to war against them.

No one knew how long the war would last and how many people it would involve, and neither did they know if it would end up involving themselves. Jackie was both concerned and doubtful as he thought of everything.

Even though he was not as cowardly as Rudy, he was not so carefree that he had no concern. If the two sides continued fighting in such a state, Jackie would end up involved eventually.


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