No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2633

Elder Maurice frowned. Even though Master Forrest’s words seemed to be driven by concern for the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance, Elder Maurice could see the true nature behind those words.

Sable Pavilion was an existence among eighth-grade clans that was on par with the Unbreaking Pavilion. The Sable Pavilion and the Unbreaking Pavilion were the two strongest eighth-grade clans around.

Master Forrest’s words were not wrong; Elder Maurice and the others knew it as well. Ever since the war broke out, Sable Pavilion had been quietly looking into things.

Elder Maurice pursed his lips helplessly as he said, “We know of everything you spoke of. Thank you for your advice.”

After that, Elder Maurice fell silent, not willing to speak anymore. However, Master Forrest was fully intent on digging out the truth behind the scenes and showed no signs of stopping. Even the tournament had turned into an afterthought.

“The Valley of Enlightenment must be an astounding place if it can cause all of you to fight even with the potential consequences. Let me guess… Could there be saint-level treasures within?

“Oh, might there be some treasures left behind by an ancient ancestor instead? Will you be able to dominate Middle Province if you got it?”

Master Forrest’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he spoke, and it was evident just how excited he was.

A human’s greed had no limits. Even though Master Forrest knew that there was no way for him to participate in it, he refused to give up on that hope. Even if he could not get the best treasure, it was decent enough if he could just get a little and improve himself.

Sky Peak Pavilion and Phoenix Valley shared a decent relationship. Sky Peak Pavilion had spent a long time trying to figure out the true reason for the conflict, but the Phoenix Pavilion’s higher-ups had been incredibly tight-lipped.

Though they could not find the truth behind everything, Master Forrest refused to give up.

He wanted to know the sort of treasure that had caused two massive forces in Middle Province to end up in an all-out war before they even sat down to negotiate. Both of these forces had been incredibly quiet toward Sky Peak Pavilion.

They would only be able to get a sliver of information no matter who they asked, or even just the official answer. The other forces were all restless beyond relief.

Everyone wanted to find out the secret behind all of it. If they knew the secret, they

would be able to take advantage the moment there was a chance!

Elder Maurice looked at Master Forrest’s excited face. So excited, in fact, that Master Forrest could not contain his expression. He longed to know the truth.

The more he acted like that, the calmer Elder Maurice was.

“Master Forrest, you’re misunderstanding things. Both keys need to be combined if we want to open the valley, but both of our sides are already enemies at this point. How could we work together to open the gate?

“How could we know what’s inside before we open it? Maybe you’re right; maybe there’s a really valuable treasure inside or something amazing left behind. Until the valley is open, however, this is all just speculation.”


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