No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2632

Master Forrest had dug up and questioned something everyone present wanted to know, and even Mr. Zayne did not know the details. All he knew was that war had already occurred, and the higher-ups had no intention of stopping it. It looked like they were willing to fight until they had nothing left.

Upon Master Forrest’s question, everyone turned to look at Elder Maurice with questioning gazes.

Elder Maurice pursed his lips helplessly.

He knew the old fox would ask that question. Thus, he let out a slight laugh as he looked up and said, “I thought all of you already knew. Isn’t it simple? It’s because of the Valley of Enlightenment, of course, a place with incredibly rare resources. The two of us have one key to the place each,and it’s because of this key that the conflict has escalated to such a state.”

Alas, Elder Maurice’s answer failed to satisfy everyone’s curiosity. It was a very standard and official answer, yes, but meaningless at the same time.

All of them knew that opening the Valley of Enlightenment required two keys. One of the keys was in the hands of the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance, while the other key was in the hands of the Unbreaking Pavilion.

Only by combining the two keys would the Valley of Enlightenment be opened, but that was not where the problem was. Normally, both sides would sit down to negotiate such a situation.

At the end of the day, no one knew what was inside the Valley of Enlightenment before it was opened.

War invoked so many forces, what more with the fact that both the Alliance and the Pavillion were major powers. If they fought to the brink, then it would be a bitter end.

If they end up accidentally wasting too much of their power, the other forces in Middle Province would definitely be staring at them intently. The moment one side could no longer hold on, it was very possible that other forces would jump into the battle.

A fight between two parties made it easier for a third party to win. No one believed that the higher-ups of the two forces did not know such a simple thing. If they knew, they would not have started a war so easily. A war would never start for any small matter.

That should have been a win-win situation. As long as both of them sat down to negotiate, they would run almost no risk of a third party benefiting, even if they did not agree to all terms.

However, over half a month after, the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance and the Unbreaking Pavilion both declared war, shocking all the forces in Middle Province.

None of them could figure out why both sides were fighting.

Master Forrest laughed as he raised an eyebrow. “I know the two of you have a key each, but you could all have just sat down and negotiated for a solution. Why do you have to go to war?”

After saying that, Master Forrest suddenly showed a worried expression, as if he was worried for the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance. “If you start a fight just like that, you might end up being laughed at by other forces. You might just draw attention to yourselves!

“If you use up too much, they’ll act at the right moment. Then, the consequences won’t be so easily predicted. The Middle Province Alchemist Alliance’s tens of thousands of years of tradition could possibly disappear in a flash!”

Elder Maurice frowned slightly before he nodded with a nonchalant expression. “Master Forrest is right. We’ll make sure we keep our guard up and not hurt ourselves too much.”

Master Forrest continued to speak with concern, “When it comes to war, it’s never easy to control. After all, the moment you start fighting, both sides will end up losing resources.

“Unbreaking Pavilion is one of the best clans among the eighth-grade ones. Even though the alliance isn’t that weak, you still can’t look down on them. The moment your resources are depleted to a certain level, the other forces will all jump in.

“You know how those people in Sable Pavilion are. They’re just hiding in the darkness with their eyes on both parties”.


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