No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2631

They could have found a better alchemist from Phoenix Valley had they tried to. However, Elder Rick had deliberately caused a scene and insisted on recommending Jackie, evoking everyone’s doubt and ridicule.

Master Forrest had a smirk on his face as he walked toward Jackie, saying as he turned to look at Elder Maurice, “This guy is obviously an excellent sixth-grade alchemist. I had thought that everyone participating this time would be seventh grade alchemists.”

Elder Maurice steeled himself, refusing to show any unsavory expression. He let out a laugh as he answered, “Jackie truly is excellent among sixth-grade alchemists, but this is just a small tournament, so we didn’t really put much thought into who we sent here.”

Elder Maurice had not dared to be too confident. After all, he was not sure where Jackie’s skills lay. Even if Jackie had assured him earlier, Elder Maurice could not trust Jackie wholeheartedly.

The vagueness of the answer intrigued Master Forrest. His gaze moved around as he looked at Jackie with an even more curious expression. The three participants behind Master Forrest, too, looked at Jackie peculiarly.

Elder Maurice, not willing to continue dwelling on the topic, took a deep breath and raised his voice, saying, “Alright, it’s almost time. Let’s start the tournament. The rules will remain the same: best two out of three. As for what we’re betting on, I won’t repeat it. If we lose, we’ll be willing to pay up.”

There was weight in Elder Maurice’s words, and his earlier confidence had seemed to have dissipated. Elder Maurice had always been very confident in the alchemists produced by Phoenix Valley, but Jackie’s abrupt appearance had shattered his confidence.

Whatever would transpire from that moment onward was obscure, and he was no longer as proud.

Jackie, meanwhile, frowned, wondering what it was they had betted on. Even though Elder Maurice did not say anything, Jackie guessed that it had something to do with the conflict against the Unbreaking Pavilion.

After all, that was the biggest incident in Middle Province at that moment. The tournament should have something to do with the war, and maybe even some exchange of resources.

As for the exact details of the deal, Jackie could not guess it. No matter what, if he lost the tournament, Elder Maurice would not be able to handle the matter easily and would surely exact his anger against Jackie.

Master Forrest nodded. “Of course we’ll pay up if we lose, but could I ask you a few questions before we start?”

Master Forrest’s sudden question caused Elder Maurice to raise an eyebrow. Even though he did not say anything, Elder Maurice knew that Master Forrest was not someone who did things for a reason.

The questions would definitely not be easy to answer.

However, Master Forrest had just afforded them a bit of time to smooth things out before, so it would seem petty of him if he did not let Master Forrest speak.

Elder Maurice was forced to nod. “Go ahead.”

Master Forrest’s lips curled up into a smile that could only be described as awfully pleased. “Middle Province has descended into utter chaos now. Everyone has their own thoughts, and the main cause is the conflict between the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance and the Unbreaking Pavilion.

“Even though everyone knows that, we don’t really know why you started fighting. Ever since the matter started, I’ve been incredibly curious as to why you started the conflict with the Unbreaking Pavilion and why it escalated to the point a war broke out.”


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