No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2630

Elder Maurice was already infuriated by Elder Rick for meddling in his affairs. He was already planning on fighting back against Elder Rick, hence why he could boldly applaud Jackie’s words.

Jackie had earned an ample amount of Elder Maurice’s favor.

Elder Maurice looked up slightly. “Even though I think you’re right, you still need the right to say those words. If your pride is just an empty tin can, your words are all meaningless without the power to back up your claims.”

Elder Maurice put his hand on Jackie’s shoulder as he added, albeit with a relatively firm voice, “If you do well this time, I’ll make sure to support you. If you don’t do well, you won’t just have made an enemy of Elder Rick, but me as well.”

Elder Maurice’s words placed an invisible pressure against Jackie. Additionally, his words also sparked interesting expressions from the rest of their companions.

Claude felt like Jackie had gone overboard with bragging this time, and he might have just rocked a boat he should not have. Jackie could not possibly do well, so Jackie would ultimately disappoint Elder Maurice in the end. Moreover, Jackie had carried himself so haughtily before, acting like Elder Rick did not faze him.

With that in mind, he could not help but let out a cold laugh. Claude narrowed his eyes and looked at Jackie as if he was looking at an idiot.

Not only did Jackie’s self-righteous words fail to get him out of his predicament, but they merely ensnared him into a deeper pit. If he did not produce any results, Elder Maurice would never forgive Jackie.

Claude and Benedict exchanged glances; it was obvious how happy the both of them


Jackie nodded. “I’ll say the same thing as I’ve said. If I can’t do it, I wouldn’t have come.”

Elder Maurice patted Jackie lightly on the arm. “Good! Very good! Remember what you said. Don’t end up shooting yourself in the foot!”

After saying that, Elder Maurice no longer wasted any more time, turning and walking back toward the center of the hall.

All this while, Master Forrest looked like he had returned to his seat and was enjoying his tea, but his gaze had always been on Elder Maurice and the others.

After he saw Elder Maurice bringing the other four back, Master Forrest immediately put down the cup in his hand as he put a smile on his face, standing up to greet them.

At that moment, Elder Maurice had already

composed himself. He looked at the people from Sky Peak Pavilion and extended his hand forward to introduce those from Phoenix Valley.

There was nothing too special about Claude and Benedict, since both of them had seventh-grade alchemist badges on their chest. When it came to Jackie, however, a few of them suddenly had a meaningful look in their eyes.

In truth, they had already noticed Jackie before. After the introductions, their curiosity deepened. After all, other than Jackie, everyone else participating in the tournament was a seventh-grade alchemist.

Sky Peak Pavilion was a far cry from Phoenix Valley, and Phoenix Valley was a major camp of the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance.

Phoenix Valley had produced countless talented alchemists, but they had actually

sent a sixth-grade alchemist, which greatly shocked everyone.

Feeling everyone’s gazes, Elder Maurice’s anger was triggered once more, but this time, it was aimed at Elder Rick.

Jackie was at the right age, sure, but he was just a sixth-grade alchemist. Phoenix Valley had so many alchemists, and it should not have been hard for them to choose three alchemists who were suitable!


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