No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2629

It might have been worded as a question, but Elder Maurice’s expression clearly said that he knew what went down.

Jackie, not bothering to hide the truth, nodded. “Yes, we had some conflicts before. There was an alchemist who felt like I insulted him after I didn’t give my task to him at the task hall, so he arranged for an assassin to kill me.

“After the matter was exposed, he tried to have Elder Rick speak for him, and to fulfill his promise to that person, Elder Rick twisted the truth completely. I exposed him in the end, however.

“The two alchemists who tried to have me killed are already locked up, leaving Elder Rick rather humiliated by the matter. Having lost whatever good things and benefits he had due to that stunt, he decided to trouble me.”

Of course, Mr. Zayne had briefly gone through this matter with Elder Maurice, so Elder Maurice more or less knew what had happened.

After Jackie relayed his story, he suddenly raised his voice and said in a righteous tone, “Before I entered Phoenix Valley, I thought that the higher-ups would never resort to favoring anyone like this, even if there was some competition inside. It looks like I was far too naive.

“I feel like someone like Elder Rick doesn’t deserve the position of an elder at all. His moral character isn’t worthy, and I’ll never acknowledge him.”

The temperature dropped as he said that. Even Claude and Benedict widened their eyes and looked at Jackie in shock.

Truthfully, they shared the same sentiment, that Elder Rick did not deserve to be an elder. Regardless, Jackie actually dared to voice it out, which surprised them.

After all, Jackie was still an alchemist in Phoenix Valley, but he had just voiced his displeasure and even questioned the higher-ups.

He even questioned their moral compass, something no ordinary person would ever do. Even if Claude was downright vain, he would never question another elder in front of another!

Worse still, Jackie spoke so confidently, so boldly, and his entire posture reeked of pride!

Benedict frowned. “Jackie, how dare you? Even if an elder does something wrong, it’s not your place to question them!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he turned to look at Benedict. “I’ve seen many dogs like you. Even if you continue barking, I’ll never agree with you.

“Don’t act all holier-than-thou when this doesn’t even concern you. If it weren’t for the evidence I had in hand, the attempt to assassinate me wouldn’t have been cleared, and I would’ve been the unfortunate one!

“This doesn’t concern you at all, so you obviously don’t care about it. You can talk to that elder without a care in the world to suck up to him, but if you’re trying to stop me with your actions, then that’s the wrong move!”

After he said that, Jackie walked forward, forcing Benedict to take a step back. Benedict never expected Jackie to be so resolved. All of a sudden

“Well said!” spoke Elder Maurice affirmatively, which startled everyone present. Jackie, on the other hand, raised an eyebrow.

Well, it seemed like he had taken the right



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