No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2627

“We’ve never interfered with his grudges, but he’s been getting out of hand lately. He dares to use such an important tournament to deal with someone he doesn’t like! It’s practically an abuse of power! He’s gone too far!”

Mr. Zayne inwardly agreed with Elder Maurice; Elder Rick truly did cross the line this time. After all, this tournament practically gambled the benefits Phoenix Valley could have gotten.

If they did not win the tournament this time, Phoenix Valley would have to pay a greater price to get Sky Peak Pavilion’s help!

With that in mind, Zayne’s expression darkened in his state of exasperation. He was a deacon with a certain level of power in Phoenix Valley, but against those elders, he did not really hold any weight.

He never voiced his opinions so casually when facing the elders, even if he knew he was correct. That was why there was nothing he could do other than feel helpless at that moment.

Elder Maurice struggled to regain his composure and maintain a normal expression, but the more he thought about it, the angrier he became. He wanted nothing more than to rush back to Phoenix Valley and challenge Elder Rick to a duel to the death.

Mr. Zayne glanced behind him and saw Master Forrest looking at them curiously. After all, they had been whispering to each other for a long time.

Zayne let out a slight cough and said, “Elder… Master Forrest has been staring at us.”

Elder Maurice pursed his lips helplessly. After taking a deep breath, he finally suppressed the anger in his heart as he turned to look at Master Forrest.

“Some matters in the valley have arisen, so please forgive me, Master Forrest. There’s been more and more troublesome matters popping up.”

Master Forrest raised an eyebrow. Despite his mounting curiosity, Elder Maurice was still someone important, and he could not afford to make things too awkward.

Master Forrest let out a laugh before he nodded. “You’ll be here for a few days anyway, so a bit of a delay is not an issue. You can have your conversation more privately for now.”

Elder Maurice nodded and walked forward. He waved Jackie and the others over, and they nodded hurriedly. They followed closely behind Elder Maurice and arrived at the corner of the hall.

At that moment, Elder Maurice could no longer compose himself. He reached out and pulled Mr. Zayne toward him before hissing with gritted teeth, “I don’t care what Rick is thinking, but if this thing ends up dragging us down, I won’t let him off!”

Elder Maurice was already irate at that moment. He would normally never say something to a deacon, especially since Mr. Zayne was not that close to him, but Elder Maurice felt like he would die of frustration if he did not vent out his anger.

Zayne pursed his lips helplessly, knowing how angry Elder Maurice was.

There was no longer any way for them to change the situation. Jackie was already there, and they could not possibly make any last-minute changes. With that in mind, Zayne’s gaze swiveled to look at Jackie.


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