No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2626

Master Forrest stood up as he waved at the three behind him and said, albeit with false humility, “These are the disciples the Sky Peak Pavilion has raised for many years. They can’t compare to your disciples from the Phoenix Valley, but they are skilled in their own right. We brought them here today to hopefully show some of their skill.”

Master Forrest continued to introduce the three. The man at the front was Conrad Suller, while the other two behind Conrad were Jameson Lagey and Bradley Cooper respectively.

Each of them was about Jackie’s age and sported seventh-grade alchemist badges. After Master Forrest finished his introduction, Elder Maurice took the initiative to introduce his alchemists.

Elder Maurice walked forward and looked at

Claude and Benedict, both standing in front of Jackie, and he had a pleased expression on his face when he did.

However, his face froze the moment he looked at Jackie, especially at the sixth grade alchemist badge on Jackie’s chest. He widened his eyes as his lips quivered slightly.

Thankfully, he was facing the Phoenix Valley representatives at that moment, and Sky Peak Pavilion’s representatives did not see the change in his expression at all. Elder Maurice took a deep breath before he looked at Mr. Zayne with a questioning look.

It was evident he was asking why a sixth grade alchemist was there.

Zayne’s lips froze. He knew before he came here that Elder Maurice would be enraged when he saw Jackie, but Zayne could not afford to offend either side, thus finding himself stuck in the middle.

No matter how versed Mr. Zayne was playing politics, there were some things he could not avoid. In situations like this where it was impossible to get on well with either side, he still had to perform his duties, regardless of how reluctant he was. The higher-ups were the ones who had arranged for him to do it.

Screwing up or offending either side were both incredibly bad scenarios for Zayne. Naturally, he did not want anything to go wrong.

Helpless, he pursed his lips as he returned Elder Maurice’s gaze. There were some things that he had to make clear, or he would end up causing himself a lot of trouble.

It would be like telling Elder Maurice that the whole situation was like this because of him.

Mr. Zayne frowned and thought about it for a moment, trying his best to summarize his

thoughts before he gave a simplified version of the explanation he had in mind to Elder Maurice.

Elder Maurice’s expression darkened in the blink of an eye. At the start, Elder Maurice was merely shocked that a sixth-grade alchemist was brought over, but after understanding the situation, Elder Maurice immediately understood how terrible the situation was.

With a frown on his face, he whispered, “This is a disaster! Does Rick not know how important this tournament is? Doesn’t he know what the consequences will be if we take the wrong step?”

Mr. Zayne was so afraid that he started to tremble after he heard that. “I don’t know about that, but Elder Rick vouched and insisted on nominating Jackie for this,” he answered helplessly. “He spoke of Jackie’s talents so greatly, and Jackie is at the right age, so everyone eventually agreed to his recommendation.”

Elder Maurice’s face grew hot red in anger. His right hand trembled, and he would have started spouting curse words had the situation allowed him to.

He took a deep breath, composed himself, and tried his best to calm his voice.

“He’s really out here trying to ruin things! If Jackie was at the peak of sixth-grade alchemists and only a hair away from being a seventh-grade alchemist, he might be able to get us some results in this tournament, but you told me that it hasn’t been long since he advanced to be a sixth-grade alchemist. How could he carry such a heavy burden? We’ll completely lose this tournament thanks to Elder Rick’s meddling!”


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