No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2625

Jackie smiled as he turned to look at Benedict. “Well, I’ve never seen seventh grade alchemists like you who don’t know how to mind your own business. The two of you look like you’re just too bored and have nothing to do. Do you think that you can go around and cause other people trouble just because you’re seventh-grade alchemists?”

Jackie had not even been able to finish his tirade when Mr. Zayne turned and shouted, “The three of you, keep quiet! We’ll be at Sky Peak Pavilion soon. Don’t embarrass Phoenix Valley!

“Whatever will happen, you have to remember that you’re from the same place. When you’re outside, you represent Phoenix Valley, I don’t care what you do inside Phoenix Valley, but when you’re outside, you’ll be punished for embarrassing the valley no matter who you


All three men fell quiet at Mr. Zayne’s words. Nonetheless, Claude and Benedict’s anger never subsided, and it showed on their face.

The two of them frowned as they glared at Jackie who merely shut his eyes and ignored them. Jackie shut his eyes, not wanting anything more to do with them.

Claude and Benedict, having known each other, would no doubt join hands no matter what happened.

After arriving at Sky Peak Pavilion, Mr. Zayne finally introduced the clan.

Sky Peak Pavilion was an eighth-grade clan, but they were not comparable to other eighth-grade clans. They had only been promoted less than two years ago, and Sky Peak Pavilion had just been a seventh grade clan before that.

Meanwhile, Unbreaking Pavilion that was

in conflict with the alliance was at the peak of eighth-grade clans, only one silver away from being a ninth-grade clan.

If Sky Peak Pavilion went to war with Unbreaking Pavilion, they would probably be decimated in less than a month.

After Sky Peak Pavilion was introduced, Jackie could not help but wonder…

What was the point of this tournament? They left for Sky Peak Pavilion and traversed such a large distance, so there had to be something important. What was so important? Jackie needed more time to figure it out.

Sky Peak Pavilion’s elders were already waiting outside the mountain. When the vessel stopped, the elders got up to greet them. They exchanged many pleasantries with Mr. Zayne before the elders brought them into the Sky Peak Pavilion inner compound.

Sky Peak Pavilion might be an eighth-grade

sect, but their buildings were not all that impressive. They could not compare to Phoenix Valley.

Sky Peak Pavilion’s elders brought them through a long path before they arrived at a spacious hall. There were quite a few people in the hall, but there were only two chairs in the center.

Jackie looked up at the two people who were sitting there. One of them had the special elder robes of Phoenix Valley on, and he was probably the elder from the east that Mr. Zayne had spoken about before.

The other one looked to be about in his late forties. He had a smile on his face, one that did not reach his eyes. He gave the impression of a scheming old fox.

Mr. Zayne bowed to the two of them. “Greetings, Elder Maurice, Master Forrest.”

So that was Master Forrest from Sky Peak Pavilion. Looking at how respectful Mr.

Zayne was, Master Forrest most likely held a great position in Sky Peak Pavilion.

What followed was a string of empty pleasantries. They talked about how safe the journey was and asked about some things in Phoenix Pavilion. Mr. Zayne seemed quite familiar with these proceedings.

Jackie quietly stood by the side, not saying anything. It took a bit of time before they got to the main topic.


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