No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2624

Jackie had no intention to befriend the other two men, while these two looked down on Jackie.

After everything that had happened before, Mr. Zayne was noticeably much more careful. As they advanced, he would regularly stop and study their surroundings for any signs of ambush.

Jackie and the two green-robed men merely closed their eyes and rested in the vessel.

Initially, they were still quite composed, but Claude started to lose his patience after a while. Claude looked up at Jackie and said, “I don’t know what Elder Rick was thinking for praising you so much. We seventh grade alchemists are the leads here. Make sure you don’t drag us down and disappoint Elder Rick!”

Claude talked like he was lecturing Jackie,

which made Jackie frown. He loathed anyone who spoke to him in such a manner, and Claude acted like he was far above Jackie.

If Claude had said anything else, Jackie might not have reacted so badly, but Claude’s tone sparked Jackie’s fuse.

He looked up at Claude and said, “The one thing I hate the most is those who speak without knowing the whole situation”; you’re obviously that type of person.

“You’ve never seen how good I am before, but you’ve already judged me just by listening to what others have said. What a gentleman, you are. Elder Rick has a grudge against me; he was just praising me in an attempt to drag me down!”

Those words stunned Claude, while Benedict looked up from his seated position at Jackie with a strange expression. Elder Rick had a grudge against this guy? Jackie was recommended because of a grudge?

The two of them could not help but nod

after thinking about it. That made sense. After all, Jackie was only a sixth-grade alchemist, and a sixth-grade alchemist would not have the chance to do anything in this tournament.

They would have to rely on seventh-grade alchemists.

Jackie was only there to add to the numbers. Elder Rick might have said many nice words, but he had never claimed that Jackie would help them obtain victory.

“You’re really something else… I heard that you haven’t been in Phoenix Valley for that long, and you managed to get Elder Rick to hold a grudge against you and even try so hard to cause you trouble. You truly are commendable.”

These words were minced with obvious mockery.

Jackie sighed. He had just regained his bearings when things started to act up again, and he never even wanted to exchange words with these two men!

Even if they were seventh-grade alchemists, Jackie did not regard them that highly at all. However, since the two of them said so, Jackie could not hold back.

Claude looked at Jackie in disdain as if it was all Jackie’s fault that Jackie offended Elder Rick.

Jackie grunted lightly as he looked at Claude. “And what gives you the right to go on your merry way and give others snide remarks?

“You don’t even know what sort of relationship I have with Elder Rick, yet you can so boldly assume and imply that I’m the one at fault. Well, if you’re ever killed by an elder in the future, it’s definitely your fault!”

Claude widened his eyes, not expecting Jackie’s temper to be so bad. He had just said a few words but was shot back so viciously.

“I’ve never seen a sixth-grade alchemist as brazen as you!” spoke Benedict, frowning when he did.


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