No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2623

Mr. Zayne laughed for a good while before he broke into a light cough, saying, “You’re the most confident sixth-grade alchemist I’ve ever seen! In so many years, I’ve never seen a sixth-grade alchemist that would dare challenge an elder and even declare that he’d get back at them! Curious am I to know where all that boldness comes from.”

Jackie did not answer, however, his lips curled into a smirk as he kept his silence. At that moment, Mr. Zayne would probably be amused if Jackie said he would even go against the world if needed.

After all, the elders were an unbeatable authority in Mr. Zayne’s eyes. Mr. Zayne had been in Phoenix Valley for so long but had never managed to get that title.

He felt like Jackie was not going to be a match for an elder. Even though Jackie was

talented, there were so many others with talent, too. In the end, how many of them would end up becoming an elder?

Mr. Zayne laughed for a long time before he stopped. He shook his head helplessly and said, “Since I was the one who brought you here, let me leave you with a reminder: you’d best not get too far ahead of yourself. After all…you’re just a sixth-grade alchemist.”

All of a sudden, they heard a series of footsteps, and all three men turned and spotted two men in green robes with seventh-grade alchemist badges on their chest walking toward them.

Mr. Zayne looked at the two of them and immediately composed himself. He let out a slight smile before he nodded at both figures.

The two of them bowed to Mr. Zayne and politely greeted him. Jackie narrowed his eyes. Even though the two of them had greeted Mr. Zayne, he could not feel much respect in their words. It was like the two of them did not think Mr. Zayne was that important at all.

Any regular alchemist would regard Mr. Zayne highly as a deacon, even though he had not become an elder yet, but the two of them were noticeably exceptions.

Of course, Mr. Zayne could tell that the two green-robed men were not that respectful, but he did not seem too displeased about it at all. He smiled as he introduced them to Jackie, “This is Claude Hodgins, and the one next to him is Benedict Malone. You’ll be heading to Sky Peak Pavilion with the two of them and have a small tournament there.”

Jackie nodded and greeted both green-robed men. The two of them nodded at Jackie as well, but their gazes were noticeably sharp.

They scrutinized Jackie and looked painfully

inquisitive, much to Jackie’s discomfort.

Nonetheless, Jackie understood their intent. Mr. Zayne had said that the tournament was limited by age, which meant that the two of them were about the same age as him. Being a seventh-grade alchemist at their age naturally gave them sizable pride.

After Mr. Zayne introduced the three of them, he did not delay matters as he brought them to a small vessel. They headed toward the aforementioned Sky Peak Pavilion.

Jackie did not ask where it was but was instead thinking of the kind of tournament they would be going through.

It made sense why Mr. Zayne thought that Jackie would drag them down. After all, the other two participants were seventh-grade alchemists. Their arrogance was palpable, so they were probably quite capable even among seventh-grade alchemists.

After ascertaining that fact, Jackie relaxed instead.

There were four people in the small vessel. Other than Mr. Zayne, who was steering the vessel, the three of them took up a spot by themselves to rest.


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