No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2621

At that moment, Rudy looked like he had ingested poison and awaited his passing. His entire body was trembling, which caused Jackie to frown. Rudy would have fainted if that persisted.

He reached out and pulled Rudy behind him. “Mr. Zayne, are you looking for me?”

Mr. Zayne nodded before he motioned to the door, indicating that they could not talk while they were outside. Jackie nodded before he left to the plaza in front of the hall with him.

Not wasting any time, Mr. Zayne immediately got to business after finding a secluded place. “There’s a tournament that you have to go to,” he spoke.

“A tournament?” Jackie furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at Mr. Zayne.

Mr. Zayne took a deep breath before he nodded seriously. “The situation is quite urgent. You’ll know when you’re there. You’re the person most suited for the job right now. There’s no one else we can look for, so you’ll have to go…”

After saying that, Mr. Zayne had a strange expression on his face, and it was as if he was holding himself back from saying something. After a few moments of silence, he finally spoke, “Did you cross someone?”

Elder Rick’s face immediately came to Jackie’s mind the moment Mr. Zayne spoke those words. He knew that someone must have sabotaged him, and Jackie had to admit, he was rather curious.

Whatever it was, he was not at the stage where he was mortal enemies with Elder Rick, despite their conflict. Jackie had been thinking about it, and he decided that he would forget the matter as long as Elder Rick stopped giving him trouble.

However, he never expected to be implicated in just such a short time. Nonetheless, Jackie nodded without stopping. “Did Elder Rick recommend that I participate in this? Is there a problem with this tournament?”

Mr. Zayne raised an eyebrow, curious about Jackie’s incredibly quick reaction. However, he was a carefree person and did not go around in circles with Jackie.

He sighed as he spoke, mild irk present in his tone, “You’re right, Elder Rick was the one who recommended you. He said you were of the right age and even praised you a lot. Still, this looks like a death sentence to me.

“The tournament itself is fine. If you perform well, you’ll get a lot of rewards, and the eastern elders will look at you better. If you fail to do well, you’ll end up suffering.”

Even though Mr. Zayne had not been too

clear about the contents of the tournament, Jackie could pick out a few key points from those words.

First was that he was at the right age. Elder Rick had probably claimed that Jackie was the best among those in his age group. Even though the tournament itself might not have a problem, it must involve something incredibly important.

If Jackie ended up failing of any kind, Jackie would end up becoming the subject of a lot of public criticism. That was probably why Elder Rick recommended him so strongly.

He wanted the other elders to look down on Jackie and roughen Jackie’s path forward. Elder Rick would then be able to deal with Jackie easily without much opposition.


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