No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2620

The last time, Jackie had only managed to condense 2000 pill runes. After half a month of training, Jackie was able to form 4500 pill runes, more than double of what he had last time.

Others would no doubt think that he was lying if they found out how fast he was improving. After all, no one could achieve that at such speed.

Normally, one would first need to completely memorize a pill rune in their mind before they could condense it. After that, they would have to start practicing condensing the rune, stroke by stroke. Normally, even one pill rune would take a long time.

It took constant trial and error, learning from one’s mistakes before committing the runes to memory…but Jackie did not need that at all. He did not need to memorize any of the runes.

All of those memories were already integrated into his head. All Jackie needed was to synchronize his memories with his body. His rate of improvement was drastically higher than anyone else!

After understanding his limits, Jackie had accomplished what he wanted to in the Hall of Wishes. He planned on refining a seventh-grade pill after he went out.

The simplest seventh-grade pills required 3000 pill runes at 50-percent refinement. Jackie, however, had already successfully condensed 4500 pill runes.

All of them were already at 50-percent refinement, and a good amount of them were already at 60-percent refinement. As long as Jackie wanted to, he would easily be able to make a seventh-grade pill!

The moment he pushed the door open, Jackie

saw Rudy anxiously standing in front of the door. When Rudy saw Jackie walking out, he got so emotional that he almost cried.

A surprised expression flashed on Jackie’s face, but he was not surprised because of Rudy’s emotional expression. Instead, it was because Mr. Zayne was standing next to Rudy.

Jackie could not help but frown when he looked at Mr. Zayne. Even though Jackie was much more mature than Rudy, he could still not help but think about Grayson’s matter.

That incident had something to do with Mr. Zayne, for sure. After all, Mr. Zayne was the one who had arranged their sleeping quarters back then. Mr. Zayne knew what happened after that as well, but he might never tell them both about it.

Mr. Zayne offered a smile when he saw Jackie walk out and nodded at Jackie. In contrast to the genial-looking Mr. Zayne, however, Rudy looked like he was about to collapse.

Both of Rudy’s hands were trembling, and he looked like he had seen a ghost. Jackie sighed in exasperation.

Rudy was most worried about the higher ups at that moment. After all, he had no idea what was happening behind the scenes, while Mr. Zayne had a lot to do with all of that.

If the higher-ups decided to do anything against them, Mr. Zayne would be involved.

Mr. Zayne standing with them merely complicated Rudy’s feelings at that moment. Jackie nodded at Mr. Zayne. Even though his emotions were in a complicated spot as well, he was still far calmer than Rudy was.

When he walked up next to Mr. Zayne, he calmly greeted Zayne, which elicited a raise of an eyebrow.

“You’re much more reliable. This guy next to you, meanwhile, is exaggerating matters. When he saw me coming over while he was waiting for you, he turned pale as a ghost.

“I had only a word or two with him, and he already started to stammer. If you haven’t done anything wrong, why are you so scared?”

Those words merely drained more of Rudy’s color as he became paper-white pale.


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