No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2619

Rudy had a long face when he heard Jackie’s words. “Jackie, can’t you just take a break? You’re already so talented, but you insist on being so hardworking still. Me? I’m like a pile of poo on the roadside!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow helplessly. “That’s why you should come with me. It’s pointless to stay here and whine about everything the whole day. Your talents are already lacking in the first place, and if you don’t start working hard and end up with a zero again in the next test, Elder Eliot may very well expel you!”

Rudy, however, nodded gleefully at that. “I wish he would! I can’t stand staying here anymore. So many things have been happening lately, and it feels like I’m constantly living in fear. I’ll start praying if I don’t leave this place soon!”

Jackie rolled his eyes and ignored Rudy.

The Hall of Wishes still looked the same as usual. However, for some reason, there seemed to be a lot fewer alchemists than usual that day. Jackie noticed it and thought about it for a moment before shaking off the thought.

Jackie did not want to waste any brainpower on useless matters at that moment. The only thing he wanted to do was to improve himself constantly.

He needed to get better to attract the attention of the higher-ups in Phoenix Valley. Only then would he be able to get even more resources, and even people like Elder rick would not be able to try anything foolish.

Others might have stepped back if they butted heads with Elder Rick; they would not have been so obstinate. Jackie did not think in that way.

Elder Rick was the one who provoked him first, so Jackie would naturally not bother

being polite with things.

Jackie entered a room in the Hall of Riches, and the pill aura was incredibly dense. After entering, he threw himself into forming pill runes. The most important part of alchemy was the formation and fusion of pill runes.

Jackie already knew how each pill rune was drawn, but his body could not completely keep up with his memories at that moment. All he could do was get used to it, one step at a time. That was why Jackie had still never refined seventh-grade pills.

However, after a period of hard work and practice, Jackie felt like his memories had already merged with his body to a certain extent. He was preparing to prove himself.

He focused himself as his hands constantly danced. Streak after streak of golden light flowed between Jackie’s fingers, the Pill

runes easily drawn out and floated in front

of him.

After four hours, 4500 pill runes were neatly arranged in front of Jackie, radiantly glowing bright gold.

“It’s wrong!” Jackie exclaimed. His fingers had slipped for a moment, and the rune under his finger suddenly let out a splutter as it shattered into a pure pill aura in a flash.

Jackie helplessly frowned as he looked up at the 4500 pill runes before him. Even though the pill runes did not crumble like the one before, Jackie could still feel like he was already at his limit.

If he continued to practice, he would only be able to make another 50 pill runes at most before everything crumbled.

Jackie took a deep breath as he retracted his right hand, and with that, all of the pill runes dispersed and turned into a pure pill aura. “It went better than I thought.”


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