No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2618

Jackie turned to look at Rudy with a calm expression. “You’re seeing things too lightly. How could expelling Harold and Johnson be a punishment? Think about what they did.

“Even if Harold is talented, masters are the one thing Phoenix Valley doesn’t need. A master that hasn’t done anything wrong will naturally benefit Phoenix Valley greatly after they’re cultivated, but a master that has done much wrong is a tumor that needs to be removed.”

Rudy earnestly listened to Jackie’s words.

True, Harold had tried to use an assassin to kill another alchemist in Phoenix Valley due to his jealousy, and he had even bribed a deacon of Phoenix Valley. He had basically ignored all of Phoenix Valley’s regulations.

In truth, Jackie being dead or alive was not that important to Phoenix Valley. However, Harold’s actions were what broke through the bottom line.

If Phoenix Valley allowed that behavior, worse things would happen in the future. When Rudy thought of that, he could not help but say, “Those two are going to die, then!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow before he shook his head immediately, to which Rudy looked at Jackie with a strange expression. “They’ll survive the punishment?…”

However, Jackie turned before Rudy could finish and solemnly spoke, “Sometimes, death is actually a blessing. The two of them will definitely be made an example of.

“Based on what I know, Harold doesn’t really come from an impressive background. He merely used his talents to curry favor with a few elders in Phoenix Valley.

“This time, Elder Rick probably stepped up to help Harold because he promised Elder Rick a thing or two. He’d probably agreed to do a lot of things for Elder Rick after he became a seventh-grade alchemist.”

Chills ran down Rudy’s neck when he heard this, his lips twitching as he incredulously replied, “So you’re telling me the punishment will have them wishing they were dead?”

Jackie nodded. Even though the two of them had already been taken away, Elder Baggin had yet to specify Harold’s punishment. With what Harold had done, they would have to give Harold an incredibly harsh sentence as a warning to everyone in Phoenix Valley.

Everyone had to see the consequences that would befall those who did such things.

Jackie looked at Rudy’s pale face and furrowed his eyebrows strangely. “You look like you’re sympathizing with Harold. Do you think that punishment is too harsh?”

Rudy shook his head vigorously at that. “How could I feel that way? I’d rather he suffer alive! Though, I started to wonder what’ll happen if Phoenix Valley’s ruthless methods start to come our way…”

Rudy could not bring himself to continue his train of thought.

Jackie frowned, feeling like Rudy seemed to have an obsession with linking everything bad to himself.

Jackie turned around and said, “Cast aside all those nonsensical thoughts. You keep tying yourself to everything and causing your own mood to plummet. Aren’t you tired of it?”

Rudy took a deep breath, unable to say anything about it.

Jackie could not be bothered to dwell on the topic, so he looked up into the distance. “I’m going to the Hall of Wishes. Are you coming?”


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