No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2617

After both Harold and Johnson were dragged away, Elder Baggin looked at Jackie with a genial expression. He saw and admitted to himself how memorable of a person Jackie was; he was no doubt impressive in every aspect.

Elder Baggin had wanted to say a few more words but stopped himself after thinking about it. After all, they had just sentenced people to a crime.

He coughed lightly before addressing Jackie, “You can head back for now. The matter has already been investigated. As for what punishment Harold and Johnson will get…

“You don’t have to worry about it; they’ll get what they deserve. I’ll have the punishment we decide on passed on to you via your runner disciple. You can go back now.”

Jackie nodded, not adding anything else to the conversation as he left the Elder Hall with Rudy in tow. The two of them went very quickly but slowed down in the middle, mainly because Rudy felt erratic.

Jackie, on the other hand, was rather calm and maintained a very casual expression the whole time.

“That shameless Elder Rick. He actually tried to pin the blame on us!” hissed Rudy. “When I heard his nonsense, I nearly rushed forward and fought him!”

Jackie looked at Rudy, a small crack in his expression as he seemed mildly irked. “I need to advise you on something: you should always think things through thoroughly before doing anything in the future. You should calm yourself and think of what the consequences of your impulsiveness would be.

“If you had rushed forward and picked a fight at that moment, they would’ve used that as an excuse to lock you up forever. Things wouldn’t end up well at all.”

Jackie could not help the frown from forming on his face at the thought of how Rudy could have cussed and shouted back there. With that, he grabbed Rudy’s arm and stopped the guy in his tracks.

“You’re not allowed to be so impulsive in the future. You doing that does nothing other than give me more trouble!”

Rudy’s face froze in guilt upon hearing this. He knew that Jackie was right. If he had been just a bit more reckless back then, he would have brought trouble to Jackie too.

However, Rudy felt like he had already done his best in controlling himself, and Elder Rick had gone too far. Just thinking about Elder Rick filled Rudy with anger, but in the end, Rudy merely sighed in worry.

“I think that Elder Rick will have a grudge against us from now on. Will he try to do anything to us?”

Jackie nodded and said without any hesitation, “That’s to be anticipated.’

Rudy got nervous the moment he heard that. “Well, what should we do? Are we supposed to just wait for him to try and pull something against us? Won’t we end up at a huge disadvantage?”

Jackie raised an eyebrow and said, “You don’t have to worry about that. Even if he wanted to, he’d only be looking to cause me trouble. What of it, then? If he dares to do that to me, I guarantee you he won’t have a good time.”

Rudy nodded, trusting in Jackie’s abilities. As long as Jackie can scale the ranks, Elder Rick would not be able to do anything to Jackie.

Rudy sighed. “What kind of punishment do you think they’ll be given? Will they just be expelled?”

Jackie shook his head, thinking of Elder Baggin’s expression. Jackie felt like the punishment would definitely not be light, and merely being expelled was far too lenient.


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