No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2616

Harold, already crumbling in chaos at that moment, frantically tried to find an excuse for himself, but Elder Baggin had interjected him with a deep frown and a sharp stare. “Shut up right now! Since Jackie is this strong, then all questions have been answered. There’s no black-clothed man, and you were not threatened at all. If Jackie hadn’t surprised us with his strength, your plan would’ve gone perfectly.

“Jackie would’ve died on Holy Cloud Mountain, and you’d rid yourself of a source of hatred. Since you weren’t by Jackie’s side at the time, the higher-ups wouldn’t be suspicious of you at all!

“It’s just your poor luck that the assassin you sent was no match for Jackie, and your plan failed horrendously. Jackie, did you deliberately place the corpse where people would pass by?”

Jackie nodded. “If I had just spoken the truth, no one would have believed me. It was better if I put the corpse in front of everyone and had Elder Eliot investigate.

“I was sure that Harold thought his plan was flawless, that it wouldn’t be traced back to him at all.”

Johnson collapsed on the floor as he mumbled, “So there really wasn’t anyone else…”

That question had plagued Johnson for a long time. Michael’s death had been far too strange. Even after so much trouble, no one else was found at Holy Cloud Mountain at all, so who had harmed Michael?

Who placed that corpse there?

Even though they had crafted a lie, Johnson had been bogged down with fear, swallowed with his worry that the killer behind the scenes would pop up and overturn all of their lies.

Jackie let go of his right hand, and the pale faced Harold fell to the floor. Even if he tried to give himself any excuses, Harold had no way of saving his skin anymore.

Jackie turned to look at Elder Rick before he let out a laugh. “Elder Rick, do you have anything else to say? Do you want to find more evidence to defend them?”

The calm smile had disappeared from Elder Rick’s face. He narrowed his eyes slightly as he shot Jackie a cold glare as though warning him.

Jackie, however, could care less. Elder Rick might be an elder, but it was precisely because of that that Elder Rick would not be able to act against Jackie easily. As long as Jackie managed to get to a high-enough position, Elder Rick would not be able to cause him too much trouble.

Elder Rick suddenly chuckled. “So that’s how things were. I can’t believe I was actually fooled by the two of them. They seemed so sincere, so I had thought that everything was true. Alas, I was too naive; I believed them too easily.”

In just a few words, Elder Rick had wiped his hands clean of any dirt and responsibility. It was as if all those insulting words were only said by him because someone else had fooled him.

Jackie’s lips twitched when he heard all of that. Even he had to be somewhat impressed by Elder Rick’s silver tongue.

Harold abruptly looked up at Elder Rick, but Elder Rick was already intent on clearing his own name and turned away completely, no longer looking at Harold at all.

Harold’s entire body froze as he realized he was done for.

He had wanted to beg Elder Rick to say something for them at that moment…but he understood that someone like Elder Rick would avoid anything that would implicate himself at all costs.

“Alright. With things as they are, everyone already knows that there’s no blackclothed man,” concluded Elder Baggin coldly. “Michael died by Jackie’s hand, so there’s nothing else to say.

“The culprit is Harold with Johnson as his accomplice. Both of you won’t be able to escape your punishment anymore. Men, lock them both up!”


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