No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2615

“Elder Rick, you really are the most silver tongued person I’ve ever met. You’re really capable of twisting the truth as well. Since you all want to know the truth, then let me tell you the truth. The so-called blackclothed man doesn’t exist at all, I was the one who killed Michael!”

The moment he said that everyone présent was stunned. Even the three who were kneeling down on the floor looked up at Jackie at the same time. Everyone had looks of shock and doubt in their eyes.

They were shocked that Jackie said he had killed Michael while they doubted the truth of Jackie’s words. Jackie did not care how they were looking at him.

He walked forward and stopped in front of Harold before he suddenly laughed coldly, “Did you think that these lies you made up would be able to clear your name even though they had some holes in them?”

Harold frowned as he shouted, “What kind of nonsense are you spouting? I’ve never planned on clearing my name! Everything I did was because I was forced.

“If the black-clothed man wasn’t there, why would I have ever done something so absurd? Do you think I don’t know how horrible the consequences would be for me if anyone found out about it?”

Looking at Harold’s righteous indignation, Jackie felt even more amused. He suddenly reached out and grabbed Harold’s collar before allowing the power in his body to explode outward.

The power of a spring solidifying realm expert filled the place. In a flash, everyone widened their eyes, refusing to believe what they were feeling was real.

Jackie had just tugged Harold’s collar, but Harold ended up being picked up by Jackie like a little chicken.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he said, “Your plan was honestly flawless. You bribed the deacons to send Michael to Holy Cloud Mountain. Once everyone was transferred over, he would quickly follow me and kill me.

“You hate me so much, but never tried to do anything to me yourself, because you knew you were no match for me. The second reason was the fact that our identification badges are all being observed by the scroll. If I die, your identification badge will expose your location! You didn’t want to take the risk, so you plotted out this plan.”

As he said that, Jackie grabbed onto Harold’s collar tightly as he flashed a cold smile, “However, you would never have believed that Michael would amount to nothing in front of me! He’s only at the initial stage of the spring solidifying realm, he was no match for me!”

Those words stunned everyone there, be it

Harold who was being grabbed by Jackie, or Johnson who was still kneeling on the ground. Everyone stared at Jackie with widened eyes and a gaping mouth as they stared at the two of them with looks of disbelief.

However, the power that Jackie was exuding was definitely not fake. Jackie had absolutely broken into the spring solidifying realm and was even an expert within that realm. Other than Rudy, everyone else present was stunned.

After all, Jackie’s strength had shattered all of their common knowledge. Those who walked the path of alchemy would always end up using a lot of their time on alchemy.

They would have far too little time for martial arts, and would naturally not be able to go far in the martial arts path. Yet, Jackie was a sixth-grade alchemist who was already in the spring solidifying realm. For someone at such an age to achieve that made him an absolute master.

Harold trembled as he shouted, “Impossible! This is absolutely impossible! You’re an alchemist, how could you have any time to train? You can’t be in the spring solidifying realm. You can’t be, Jackie!”


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