No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2614

He used that fabricated person to clear his own name and prove to everyone that he was a victim as well. He had done all of that out of desperation. Jackie could not help but turn to look at Harold.

At that moment, Harold seemed much calmer as he matched Jackie’s gaze in an uncaring manner. It was as if he wanted to say that, no matter what Jackie said that day, they would be spared punishment.

It was because they had the support of Elder Rick. Rudy looked at Jackie nervously. At that moment, Rudy felt like he was going to be angered to death.

The two of them were too despicable. They had twisted the truth so much that it was not believable anymore. It caused Rudy to feel like spitting blood.

That feeling tormented Rudy. It was as if someone was accusing him of something he

did not do, but he was unable to defend himself.

Rudy looked up at Jackie. He had even made the determination that even if the situation was being turned around like that by Elder Rick, he would absolutely stand up and expose everything. He was not willing to just suffer like that.

Jackie did not bother with Rudy’s anxious expression. He turned to look at Elder Eliot and Elder Baggin. Elder Baggin stared at everyone present with a stern expression while Elder Eliot was staring right at him.

It seemed both questioning and doubtful. From their expressions, Jackie understood what the two of them were thinking about.

Elder Baggin was the one in the highest position, so he naturally wanted to get to the bottom of it and determine right from wrong. He wanted to deliver justice to everyone present. Meanwhile, Elder Eliot did not believe any of Elder Rick’s words.

Elder Eliot looked at Jackie that way because Elder Eliot wanted Jackie to say something. Looking at their expressions, Jackie’s thoroughly relaxed.

He turned to face Elder Rick and said, “So the key question remains on the existence of the black-clothed man?”

Elder Rick nodded as he furrowed his eyebrows. He said with a curious voice, “I know there are still many questions about this matter. If we want to clear everything up, then we need to find that person. However, we already put in a lot of effort but to no avail.

“That person could not be found, so all we can do is to trust what Harold said was true. I know you still have your doubts, and you’re not willing to believe all of this because of your grudges against Harold, but there’s no other way.

“That’s because all of the evidence points toward what Harold says being true. He did all of that because he was threatened. If he had not been forced to ingest the poison, nothing would have happened. In the end, the problem lies in the enemies you’ve made for yourself. Don’t you think I’m right, Jackie?”

Rudy’s face was absolutely red in anger. He attempted to rush forward, but he was stopped by Jackie. Elder Rick’s words had gone too far. It was one thing to twist the truth, but he was even pinning everything on Jackie.

It was absolutely petty. Even Elder Eliot’s eyes were raised as he looked at Elder Rick in disdain. Even though Elder Eliot did not say anything, he still knew that Elder Rick was trying to defend Harold and Johnson.

Elder Baggin understood that as well, but

Elder Baggin did not say anything because there was nothing he could do. Elder Eliot did not have enough evidence to make any judgments.

Jackie suddenly let out a laugh as he looked at Elder Rick with an incredibly mocking expression.


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