No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2613

Jackie nodded, “Even if you insist that it’s all true, you still can’t explain the most important thing. If the black-clothed man is so capable, why isn’t he moving alone?

“Can’t he just kill me himself? Why would he need to work together with Michael? This makes no sense!”

Elder Baggin nodded at Jackie’s words as he stood up from his chair, “Jackie is right. If this black-clothed man is so capable, he wouldn’t need to waste so much of his effort, even risking being found out. Why would he leave the corpse on a trail that alchemists would definitely pass? It’s as if he wanted someone to find it!”

Elder Rick frowned after he heard that, turning around to look for everyone, “This is a problem I still haven’t figured out to this day, but from the leads, Harold seems to be speaking the truth.

“He was being threatened. He might be in the wrong here as well, but his crimes aren’t so bad that he needs to die. He should just be punished a little…”

Jackie laughed coldly, “None of these clues can prove that he was forced. The blackclothed man doesn’t exist at all. He’s just claiming all of this to clear his name. It’s all fabricated!

“You can’t back him so blindly just because he has a good relationship with you! So many people saw the corpse then, and they all deserve an explanation. If you brush it off just like that, you’ll just be making a joke of yourself!”

As he said that, Elder Rick’s warm face had completely cooled. Harold loudly shouted, “How dare you speak to Elder Rick like this?!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he said in a nonchalant manner, “If Elder Rick is fair

and just acts as an elder, I’d naturally respect him. However, Elder Rick has been trying to defend you from the very start to clear your name. Why would I need to be polite?”

Elder Rick narrowed his eyes as his tone became incredibly cold, “Your words aren’t merely casual remarks. You’ll have to take responsibility for them.

“What do you mean by me defending him? You’re saying that I favor him? Everything I’m doing is to stop an innocent person from being falsely accused.”

Jackie smiled as he matched Elder Rick’s gaze fearlessly, “Elder Rick’s words sound so noble. Don’t you think they’re hilarious?”

Elder Rick said in a righteous manner, “The truth is right in front of you. Without that black-clothed man, how did Michael die? Could he have killed himself?

“He had already signed a contract with

Harold to kill you, but you’re not dead. Yet, Michael is dead, which can only prove the existence of that person. Furthermore, it’s just like Harold had said, Harold is also a victim.

“We managed to find poison in his body. He really was poisoned by something incredibly strong. If it went on for a month without an antidote, Harold would be dead!”

Jackie took a deep breath, feeling more and more amused by everything. Harold really did use all sorts of ways to try to clear his name. He even fed poison to himself.

However, the poison must be timed. As long as the antidote was talent, everything would be fine. Jackie had to admit that Harold was quite smart. Since Michael had died in unknown circumstances, he had taken a hold of that point to fabricate someone who did not exist.


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