No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2612

Elder Rick really was incredibly silver tongued. With just a few words, he had basically dismissed all of Harold’s wrongdoings. He was so shameless it rendered Jackie speechless. Elder Zhou did not care how the two of them reacted and instead pointed right at Langston who was kneeling on the ground.

“Langston is a close brother of Michael’s. Before Michael went to Holy Soul Mountain, he handed the contract with Harold to Langston for safekeeping. If any accidents happened, Langston would bring the contract out.”

Jackie raised a hand to interrupt Elder Rick as he earnestly asked, “I don’t have anyone with a grudge against me outside. I’ve never heard of some black-clothed man before. This was obviously all fabricated by Harold to clear his name.

“Why do you trust his words so much? If I’ve done something and just casually made up some black-clothed man, would I be able to clear my own name as well?”

Elder Rick let out a slight laugh as he said casually, “This black-clothed man isn’t someone who was just casually made up. If the black-clothed man did not exist, then how did Michael die?

“The deacons who helped send Michael to Holy Soul Mountain have all been interrogated by us. After they were interrogated, they only offered one answer.

“They did do all of it for the sake of Harold’s money, but they only helped send Michael in. They did not send a second ; person through the array. After our investigations, the deacons were definitely telling the truth. So other than all of you at Holy Soul Mountain, there should be someone else there!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow and almost laughed out loud. Elder Rick actually managed to say those words. Even the black-clothed man who did not exist sounded so realistic.

Elder Rick continued after seeing that Jackie was silent, “We sent our people to investigate Holy Soul Mountain. After a series of investigations, there was no one there at all.

“All of this proves that Harold was right. The black-clothed man had actually broken through the barrier and entered Holy Soul Mountain to find you.”

Jackie smiled as he asked, “Then why am I fine right now, and the one who died was Michael?”

Elder Rick said in an incredibly calm tone, “That’s because their negotiations broke down. Harold agreed to give Michael a portion of his resources, and the blackclothed man had agreed to give Michael something as well.

“However, the man clearly regretted it and ended up killing Michael himself. All of this makes sense.”

Jackie could no longer hold himself back from laughing after hearing all that crap. Elder Eliot frowned and said sternly, “What are you laughing at? Do you know where you are right now? You can’t just laugh when you feel like it…”

Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly, unable to stop himself from laughing, “You’re really not holding back at all to clear his name. You’re even willing to say such nonsensical things.

“That black-clothed man risked his life in order to kill me, but he somehow regretted it? This makes no sense!”

Elder Rick did not look angered at all by Jackie’s laughter, and instead said calmly, “Why doesn’t it make sense? It’s not like something like this has never happened before. On top of that, Michael’s temper is quite bad. The two of them ended up in a conflict and the black-clothed man accidentally killed Michael. It’s entirely possible.”


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