No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2611

There was a smile on Jackie’s lips before he said, “You said he was forced, so who was it who forced him? Why would they force him when everyone knows he has a grudge against me? Harold using Michael to try to kill me is something we all know, so why are you trying to say that he was forced?”

After saying all of that, Jackie looked up at Elder Rick with a serious expression. Elder Rick must be Harold’s backer, that was something incredibly obvious. Otherwise, he would not be protecting Harold and Johnson.

He had so calmly twisted the truth, helping Harold shed any responsibility.

When Elder Baggin heard all of that, he nodded as he ran his hand through his beard, “You bring up some good questions, but before he answers you, let me ask you something first. We’ve not even explained the details of the matter yet, but you seem to know what happened?”

Jackie turned to look at Elder Baggin. Elder Baggin had a sharp look in his eyes, but Jackie could tell that Elder Baggin was different. He was not helping Harold. Elder Baggin looked old, but there was an air of sternness to him.

He was obviously someone with a fierce sense of justice. Jackie was incredibly confident with someone like that in front of him.

If the three out of the two of them were on Harold’s side, then it would be useless even if Jackie told the truth to everyone present.

Jackie nodded as he answered earnestly, “After we left the transfer array, we met Harold. He asked me why I wasn’t dead. The moment I heard him say that I was very curious. After mulling it over for a long time, I finally understood why he asked me that.”

Harold could not stop himself from looking at Jackie before he voiced out, “That’s a load of crap! When did I ever ask why you weren’t dead?”

However, he was shot down by a sharp look from Elder Rick the moment he said that. Harold’s whole body shook, obviously afraid of Elder Rick. At that moment, even if he had the guts to try and defend himself, he was still forced to swallow his words.

Jackie turned to look at Elder Rick and continued, “I’ve answered the question, so could Elder Rick answer me now?”

Elder Rick raised an eyebrow, maintaining his warm smile on his face. However, Jackie felt like his warm and gentle face hid a sense of viciousness in it.

Elder Rick smiled and answered, “In truth, this matter is actually your problem in the end.”

After he said that, Jackie was incredibly confused. Was it Jackie’s own fault that someone was trying to kill him? Elder Rick’s words were quite amazing!

Elder Rick continued to say, “You don’t have to be so excited, and you don’t have to question me. I’m speaking the truth. You offended someone outside. Harold says that it was a man in black clothes.

“That man suddenly captured Harold when Harold headed out. Harold was fed poison and forced to arrange for someone to kill you. That’s because you haven’t gone out ever since you entered Phoenix Valley, and the man did not know when you would leave.

“He was forced to try to kill you, which was why everything happened. Harold was helpless to do anything. If he had not been fed poison, he would definitely not have done any of that.”

After Elder Rick said all that, Rudy was so furious his whole body was trembling. Even his face was pale. Jackie had his eyebrows furrowed as he felt a deep rage in his heart.


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