No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2610

In truth, on their way there, Jackie had been trying to figure out why they were being called over to the Elder Hall. Various thoughts surfaced in his head, but Jackie could not be sure about the exact reason they were being summoned.

However, he no longer needed to think about it then, because the answer was right in front of him. When Harold heard the footsteps, he immediately turned his head around with Johnson to look at Jackie and Rudy.

When Harold saw Jackie’s face, his miserable look suddenly became incredibly cold and sinister. He stared at Jackie with a venomous look in his eyes.

He wanted nothing more than to rush over and beat Jackie up. Jackie was already immune to how Harold was looking at him. No matter how the guy looked at him, he ignored it.

Jackie and Rudy arrived in front of the Third Elder. After they bowed, Elder Eliot introduced Jackie to those he did not know. The one who sat in the middle was Elder Baggin, who held the highest position. The one on the left was Elder Rick while the one on the right was Elder Eliot.

The unknown person kneeling below was Langston Abbot, an inner disciple of Phoenix Valley. He was a close friend of Michael. After the introductions, Jackie started to have even more doubts in his heart.

Elder Rick coughed slightly as he slowly stood up from his seat. He looked at Jackie with a warm expression before saying, “There’s something I need to ask you.’

Jackie nodded as he quietly stood on the spot, not saying anything else. Elder Rick raised an eyebrow, unable to stop himself from regarding Jackie better at Jackie’s calm and composed demeanor. However, the more Jackie acted that way, the harder it would be for them to handle the matter.

He took a deep breath as he said, “Harold was being threatened. He did something like that because he had no other choice. I will have him apologize to you in a moment.

“Thankfully, you’re fine, and you suffered no losses. Even though Michael is dead, he did not go in peace. That clan actually did something so despicable to him!”

Elder Rick was filled with righteous indignation as he uttered his words. It was as if he was on Jackie’s side. However, Jackie was no idiot. Even Rudy could tell that something was wrong as the two of them abruptly looked up at Elder Rick.

Elder Rick looked at them with kind eyes. Rudy was infuriated at those words. What did he mean by having no other choice? Was he being threatened? Elder Rick even said that they were fine?

The assassin was already dead, so everything was to be glossed over and Harold was a victim instead?

If Jackie had not been so strong, they would not have lived to see another day. If something so big were just brushed over by Elder Rick so easily, even painting the instigator as the victim, then Rudy would not know how to swallow that anger!

Rudy was trembling in rage as he stepped forward to say something. However, he felt someone grab his arm as he turned to look. Jackie looked at him with a calm expression as he grabbed his arm.

It was obvious from Jackie’s expression that Jackie did not want Rudy to do anything. Jackie had his own plan, so Rudy helplessly swallowed his words.

Jackie turned to look as he looked at Harold who was kneeling on the ground.

He suddenly said with a smirk, “I have a few questions I want to ask you, Elder Rick.”

Elder Rick nodded as he said plainly, “Go ahead.”


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