No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2609

Just as Jackie’s thoughts were all over the palace, he suddenly heard a knock on the door. The two of them stopped their conversation at the same time as they turned over to look.

Lou’s voice was heard immediately, “I just received news earlier that the two of you are to go to the Elder Hall for something.

“Understood, we’ll head there right now,” Jackie immediately answered.

Rudy was so scared that his face paled. His entire body started to shake as he reached out and grabbed Jackie’s arm, “Could they be planning on doing something to us? Could it turn out exactly like what I have guessed? They don’t want to wait anymore. They’re summoning us to the Elder Hall and arranging for someone to capture the two of us?”

Jackie sighed helplessly as he looked at

Rudy’s reddened eyes. He reached out and patted Ruddy on the arm, “If they really want to do anything to us or make us disappear, they would not have sent someone to pass the message. They control the whole Phoenix Valley, it’s not that hard for them to get rid of anyone they want to.”

Jackie’s words served to console Rudy, but he was still worried as he replied, “Then why do they want us there? They even asked the two of us to go together. Could something else have happened? Or maybe they want to interrogate us? What if they kill us if they don’t get the right answer?”

Rudy could no longer control his own composure at that point. He kept on thinking that the higher-ups were trying to kill the two of them, which filled him with anxiety.

Jackie pursed his lips. Rudy’s thoughts were actually not entirely impossible, but they were still incredibly unlikely. Jackie decided to just stand up while saying, “There’s no reason for us to just sit around at any rate. We don’t know anything, so making a decision here is stupid. Since they want us to go, then we should just go.”

Rudy followed Jackie to the Elder Hall incredibly apprehensive. They passed the familiar plaza into the familiar steps. The two of them had different thoughts as they walked into the Elder Hall.

None of the usual clerks were around the Elder Hall at that moment. The moment the two of them entered the hall, someone closed the two large doors behind them. With the sounds of the doors closing, Rudy’s emotions plummeted.

If it had been the right place for that, he would have just pulled Jackie and ran away. Jackie did not really care about the shut door as he looked up in front of him.

There were three chairs in the middle of the hall. The chairs were already occupied at

that moment. Looking at their attire, it was obvious that they were elders.

There were three people kneeling in front of the elders. Two of them were familiar, while the third was someone unknown. When he saw Harold and Johnson’s faces, Jackie relaxed.


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