No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2608

Rudy had a dark look on his face as he said, “No matter what, I feel like this matter is filled with suspicion everywhere. Even the conflict between the Unbreaking Pavilion and the alliance is bizarre.”

Jackie nodded as he gulped down the rest of the tea in his hand. After organizing his thoughts, he said, “The Unbreaking Pavilion’s conflict with the alliance is absolutely not as simple as it looks. The two forces fighting each other definitely involves a lot more things.

“If it’s already at the stage of the war, then it was definitely not sparked by a small matter that can be solved just with discussions. If it’s just a matter of benefits, then it definitely involves something precious.”

After saying that, Jackie let out a smile as he shook his head, “Whatever, before he gets even more information, this is all just speculation from us. We’d better use the time more wisely on other matters.”

Rudy pursed his lips helplessly as he looked at Jackie with a face of worry, “I’m just worried that we’ll eventually be dragged into this. After all, Grayson has already disappeared. No one knows if we’ll eventually disappear like he did.”

Jackie took a deep breath in exasperation. Rudy was like a scared rabbit at that moment. Even the slightest breeze would startle him.

Jackie frowned and said, “Didn’t I already tell you this before? Why do you always fail to remember it? Phoenix Valley is somewhere we’ll leave eventually, and it doesn’t seem like they’ll pull anything against us in the near future.

“We’ll be safe for now. With our capabilities at the moment, there’s no way we can’t find out what exactly is happening inside.

So let’s just discard all these thoughts for the moment and live our lives properly. We should focus on raising our own strength for now.”

Rudy sighed, the worry not being wiped from his face at all, “I know what you’re saying is right, but I can’t do it. Grayson’s face appears in my thoughts every night.

“I’m really scared that I’ll end up like Grayson. You have the skills and the talent. You’re better than me at everything. Even if a storm comes your way, you have the capabilities to stand up to it. I’m different. In front of you, I’m like an ant that can be killed at any time, let alone in front of anyone major…”

Jackie did not want to dwell on the matter anymore, so he changed the topic, “Is there any news about Harold? Elder Eliot will definitely investigate the matter thoroughly. If Michael’s death wasn’t exposed, no one would know what Harold did.

“Michael’s corpse is already with Elder Eliot. Elder Eliot will definitely thoroughly investigate the matter. Harold’s plots and schemes will all be revealed in front of the elders.”

Rudy frowned and shook his head, there’s no news about Harold at the moment. Everyone’s looking in curiously, but there hasn’t been a single shred of information. I didn’t dare to ask any of Harold’s friends, so I haven’t been able to get any information on Harold.”

Jackie nodded. Elder Eliot and the others should have already found out about what Harold did, it’s just that he did not know how Elder Eliot would handle it. Jackie did not actually know much about Harold and if Harold had anyone powerful backing him.

If Harold did, that person would definitely help Harold avoid the worst possible punishment. They have a good time after this. Even so, Harold would not

After all, he bought over a deacon and sent Michael into the Holy Cloud Mountain. After that, he had arranged for Michael to kill Jackie. Even if the elders did not know that Michael was sent into the mountain to kill someone, Harold would still be punished for bribing a deacon!

The Holy Cloud Mountain was the holy land for all the alchemists in the outer valley. That place was not somewhere any outer, inner, or even chosen disciple could enter. It was a forbidden area, so Harold would definitely be punished for doing what he did regardless of the reason!


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