No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2607

For a war to break out meant that the two forces already had irreconcilable differences, and were already at a stage where they no longer cared for the consequences.

Jackie took a sip of his tea as he frowned, “This should have been a situation where both sides would mutually benefit from it. Even if the Valley of Enlightenment really had so many valuable things that they had to fight for it, there are definitely ways to solve the problem.

“For instance, it could be a fight between the juniors to see which side had more talented disciples. They would be able to get everything from just that. What they’re doing is quite puzzling. Have the other forces not reacted at all?”

Rudy drank some tea before thinking for a moment and replied, “There have been no

movements. Everyone seems to be adopting a wait-and-see approach. They’re merely looking on as the two forces lock horns.

“In the past, whenever two forces ended up in conflict with one another, there would always be a clan that steps forward to be a mediator. Yet for some reason, no one is willing to assume the role this time.

“Everyone just quietly looks on as the situation develops. I don’t know what sort of attitude they have toward the matter. Maybe it’s because this isn’t something that can easily be interfered with?”

At that moment, Rudy’s head was filled. with questions. When Jackie heard that, he felt like it was an incredibly strange circumstance as well. Even though some things would break out into fights when a certain point was reached, it usually only applied to personal things.

A conflict between a clan and an alliance involved two major forces. There were

many things to consider if they ended up going to war. After all, the war would use up a lot of resources. After all those resources were used, they might not even be able to gain any advantages.

The other clans would be eager to jump at the chance to take advantage of the situation unless one clan was powerful and incredibly sure that they would win. Yet, based on what Jackie could tell, the two sides were on an even level.

Even though the alliance does not seem to have so many experts, they definitely have many experts that they cultivated in secret. On top of that, the alliance had the advantage of its unique connections in the Middle Province.

They had sold countless pills in Middle Province, and gotten themselves many friends. In a pivotal moment like this, there would naturally be those who would step up to help them.

Rudy raised an eyebrow and said, “The Middle Province has been in chaos. It hasn’t been peaceful at all. I come from the inner region and know a lot about the inner region. In truth, compared to the outer region, the inner region is a complete mess. It’s incredibly chaotic.

“All of the stronger clans are in the inner region simply because the inner region is rich in resources. They’re hence able to better raise their resources and grow their clans.”

The two of them were silent for a long time trying to think about the intricacies within. Just when Jackie felt like Rudy would not speak, he suddenly said something, “Do you think this has something to do with Grayson? I keep thinking back to what happened with Grayson that night.

“I can’t think of anything that would separate him from us. We reacted incredibly normal. The only strange point was you, but you were not taken away!”

Rudy had a sour look on his face. Every time he thought about Grayson, he would get goosebumps. They had no way of being sure if Grayson was dead or alive.

However, from Mr. Zayne’s attitude, it was quite unlikely that Grayson was still alive. The two of them were really eager to figure out why Grayson had been captured.

Jackie took a deep breath and said, “He must have been taken away because he knew something. If that’s the reason, then he should still be alive. If that’s not the reason, then he’s probably already dead.”


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