No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2606

After the two of them entered Phoenix Valley, they had been cut off from any information about the outside world. They were new and different from those other alchemists who already had connections to get information about the outside world.

That was why Jackie had arranged for Rudy to look into the information. Rudy shook his head before he said, “I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t looked into things, but I really got a shock after I did. Everything in the outside world is already so chaotic. I always thought that the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance was the pillar of Middle Province. I’d thought that any force here would try to curry up favor with the alliance and that there would not be any large conflicts.”

Hearing that, Jackie nodded in agreement. Before this, Jackie had also thought that the

Middle Province Alchemist Alliance was the largest group of alchemists in Middle Province, which meant that martial artists desperately needed them.

Furthermore, the alliance gathered alchemists, which meant that their goals were different from normal clans. There should not have been any major fights, but Rudy’s expression showed that it was not the case.

Rudy took a deep breath before he continued, “The alliance has already started a public war with the Unbreaking Pavilion. It happened around half a month ago. Basically, the alliance has been at war with the Unbreaking Pavilion in the inner region not too long after we entered. Phoenix Valley.

“The battle is incredibly intense. The reason why there have been so many tasks in the task hall recently is precisely because of that. In truth, there aren’t many truly strong warriors under the alliance.

“However, there are many strong fighters who owe the alliance favors over the years. The alliance has been picking up on those favors, so they’re not lacking in fighters. The two forces are in a deadlock at the moment, with neither side giving way.”

Jackie frowned as he asked an important question, “Why did this conflict start? I’ve never heard of the Unbreaking Pavilion before. To dare to fight against the alliance means they’re not a small clan. Since they aren’t a small clan, they would never fight against the alliance over a small matter.”

Rudy nodded and replied, “The Unbreaking Pavilion is an eighth-grade clan in the inner region. There are only a handful of eighth-grade clans in the whole Hestia Continent, so it’s one of the strongest clans on the continent.

“They naturally have the ability to start a fight against the alliance. As for the reason for the conflict, I managed to find out why,

but I still have my doubts.”

Jackie looked up and said earnestly, “Whether you’re doubtful or not, tell me the reason first.”

Rudy nodded before he slowly started to explain the reason for the conflict, “In the end, it’s a fight over resources. There’s a place called the Valley of Enlightenment in the inner region. It’s said to be a hidden realm left behind from ancient times.

“There are quite a few valuable things inside, but the Valley of Enlightenment isn’t somewhere that can be entered so easily. It seems to have been locked somehow, and there are two keys. One of the keys is in the hands of the alliance, while the other is in the hands of the Unbreaking Pavilion.

“Only by merging the two keys would the Valley of Enlightenment be opened. The two massive forces are essentially fighting over the resources in the Valley of Enlightenment.”

At that moment, Rudy paused and frowned as he voiced his doubts, “I feel like there’s something hidden behind all this. Even though there are two keys, if they’d just sat down and negotiated, there would be no need to mobilize so many forces over this matter. After all, this can be solved with some peaceful negotiation.”

Jackie nodded. Even though the two forces had many experts, it did not mean they were not afraid of wasting resources. If a war started, many lives would be lost.

They would need to use up many experts and resources, and might even harm the foundations of their respective organizations and allow other clans the opportunity to take advantage of things. Unless it was absolutely necessary, two forces that were so close in strength would not go to war.


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