No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2605

Those words caused Johnson and Harold’s bodies to freeze. Harold could not hold back as he raised his voice, “You know everything!”

Harold was incredibly sure when he said that. If Jackie did not know anything, he would not suddenly decide to stay back, nor would he say those things. It was clear that Jackie knew about everything which explained why Jackie was looking at them with such a cold expression.

Jackie did not hide anything as he nodded, “I do know everything.”

Those words caused Harold and Johnson to freeze on the spot again. The two of them had incredibly sour looks on their faces. They looked like someone had just thrown a bucket of cold water at them before throwing them into a freezer.

Jackie knew how Michael died? How could Jackie know? Jackie let out a smile, not saying anything else. After that, he nodded at Rudy behind him before the two of them left the place together.

After all, he had already seen what he wanted to. Jackie had clearly seen how the two of them froze up, but before Jackie could take a few steps away, Johnson’s voice was suddenly heard behind him.

At that moment, Johnson was already on the verge of breaking down. He rushed in front of Jackie as he said, “Don’t be so pleased with yourself! Michael’s death must have something to do with you. Did you bring someone inside as well?

“Did you already figure out our plan much earlier? If that’s the case, you shouldn’t be so pleased. You might end up with worse consequences than us!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he turned around, looking at Johnson who was acting crazily. At that moment, Johnson’s eyes were filled with veins, he had the look of an absolute madman.

If he did not lack confidence in his own skills, he would have started a fight with Jackie on the spot. Jackie did not seem to react to Johnson’s words at all. The less Jackie reacted, the more Johnson lost control of himself.

He started to shout, “You brought someone in as well. You had that person kill Michael. There’s no way things will end up well for you. We might have used our connections to get Michael in, but Michael was the one who died. Our punishment will definitely be lighter than yours!”

Jackie could not stop himself from laughing. Johnson looked like he had definitely been impacted quite a bit by this. Otherwise, he would not have said all of that so dumbly. Johnson’s face paled in anger when he saw Jackie laughing at him.

He pointed right at Jackie’s face with a finger

that was visibly trembling. Jackie let out a light grunt, not wanting to bother over petty details with the two of them. He did not waste time saying anything else as he brought Rudy away.

The two of them did not speak much after what Jackie did. When they arrived at the courtyard, Jackie pulled Rudy over and gave Rudy a small task.

Rudy nodded earnestly at Jackie’s instructions and said, “Don’t worry, if I can’t even handle something as small as this, then I’d be completely useless!”

Jackie nodded with a small smile. After Rudy left, Jackie returned to his room and made himself some tea as he quietly waited for Rudy’s return.

After about four hours, Rudy finally pushed open the door. When he saw Jackie waiting for him, he immediately pulled out a chair and sat down.

“I’ve already found out everything I should. After all, this matter isn’t some big secret anymore.”

Jackie nodded before motioning for Rudy to speak. Jackie had asked Rudy to find out what had happened in the outside world recently.


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