No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2603

No one knew what the person who killed Michael had in mind. Could the person just be a crazed killer? Could the person decide to make a move against the alchemists?

Elder Eliot might be stronger than the rest of them, but he was not all that strong. Elder Eliot would probably only be able to fight on an even footing against Michael. Even Michael died in such a pitiful manner. Elder Eliot would definitely not be able to gain much of an advantage against the person who killed Michael.

That meant that the rest of them were definitely in incredible danger. With that in mind, someone immediately rushed. forward and saluted Elder Eliot.

“Elder Eliot, let’s not remain here any longer. The three-day period is already at its end, and we were supposed to be transferred back anyway. Let’s ensure our own safety before we look into this matter further.”

Elder Eliot took a deep breath. He had realized the severity of the matter as well. Even though he managed to compose himself and not show too much emotion on his face, his inner heart was in great turmoil.

They could not afford to waste any more time. He furrowed his eyebrows and turned around to face everyone, “You’re all right. Everyone is still in danger at the moment. Bring the corpse, we’ll all leave this place immediately.”

Everyone let out a sigh of relief at those words except for a select few. The select few were Jackie, Harold, and the others.

Jackie and Rudy stood behind everyone with very curious expressions. They were more familiar with the details of the incident than anyone else. The so-called hidden expert was Jackie himself.

The two of them were naturally not afraid of some hidden killer that might pop out and kill everyone. At that moment, Jackie was looking right at Harold.

Harold’s mental state was already on the brink of collapse at that moment. His whole body shuddered as cold sweat broke out on his forehead. Jackie could easily guess what he was feeling at that moment.

Rudy stopped himself from laughing as he stood quietly behind Jackie, not saying anything. Harold turned around to look at Johnson next to him.

Johnson had a look of hopelessness at that moment as he had already realized how severe the issue was at that moment. Harold reached out to grab Johnson’s arm.

“Before the matter reaches its end, we can’t afford to lose hope. There are so many questions surrounding this issue. As long as we can remain calm and bide our time, we might be able to clear ourselves of any suspicions and rid ourselves of this matter.”

Johnson abruptly turned around to look at Harold. At that moment, he no longer knew what to say. He finally spoke after a long time, “How would we do that? As long as they investigate things, they’ll definitely find out about the two of us!”

Harold took a deep breath as he looked at Johnson with a resolved expression. He might be incredibly emotional at that moment, but he still managed to keep his voice down and hide his words from everyone else.

“We’re still not sure who killed Michael yet. The only thing we know is that Jackie wasn’t the one who killed Michael, and it definitely wasn’t us.

“There has to be someone else hiding here. We can use that to craft a story. We’ll then be able to paint ourselves as the victims as well. Then, we’d be able to shed any responsibilities on this matter.”


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