No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2602

White nodded, “Back when I helped an elder to send something to the martial artist’s section, I met him. I knew his name was Michael because he had been helping the stewards manage the martial arts manuals that day. I handed it to him and remembered his name then.”

Elder Eliot frowned before he asked, “Are you sure that person is Michael?”

White nodded as he answered seriously, “I’m sure he’s Michael! The first time I saw the corpse, I didn’t take a good look because the face looked too horrendous. That’s why I couldn’t tell at first, but now that I’ve had the chance to take a good look, I’m sure it’s him!”

After that, White swore on his name, and Elder Eliot hurriedly waved at him, “Since you’re sure who he is, then it’ll be much easier to investigate in the future.”

The sudden incident really surprised everyone. No one expected that an inner disciple would suddenly pop out in Holy Cloud Mountain. After all, inner disciples did not have the right to enter Holy Cloud Mountain.

Elder Eliot’s face was incredibly dark at that moment. He stared at the corpse on the floor, not uttering a word for a long time. It was hard to tell what was on his mind. The ones standing behind him were quiet initially, but slowly lost control of themselves.

“Why is there an inner disciple in Holy Cloud Mountain? Holy Cloud Mountain belongs solely to us alchemists, so why is he here? Could he be here to steal materials? It’s absolutely impossible for him to get through the barrier, just look at his strength…”

After saying that, everyone paused. Even though Michael was already dead, his internal structures were still intact.

Everyone could still see that Michael was in the spring solidifying realm.

In truth, the moment they found out that Michael was an inner disciple, they were more or less certain that he would be around the spring solidifying realm.

“Even though he’s at the spring solidifying realm and considered quite good among the inner disciples, there’s no way he is skillful enough to break through the formations. How did he enter the Holy Cloud Mountain?”

“That’s right! How did he enter the Holy Cloud Mountain?”

“I think there’s no need to speculate about this. He must have used the transfer array just like we did, but the transfer array is being guarded all the time. Unless one of the guards did something and helped him get transferred here, there’s no way he could get here on his own.

“Even stranger is the fact that Michael is

already dead. That person who could kill Michael must not be weak. He might be hidden around us at this very moment…” Those words served as a reminder for everyone.

No matter how Michael entered Holy Cloud Mountain, he was only a corpse at that moment. For someone to be able to kill Michael was definitely stronger than Michael was. That person was definitely at least at the middle or late stage of the spring solidifying realm.

They might even be a warrior that was already in the divine solidifying realm. To those alchemists, that was an existence that could not be touched at all. If that person had anything against them, no one present would be able to stand up to the person.

Even Elder Eliot was only at the middle stage of the spring solidifying realm and since he put all his focus on alchemy, his combat abilities were only barely at the initial stage of the spring solidifying realm.

“What do we do?! Should we bring the corpse with us and leave right now? I keep feeling like someone is staring at us…”

Everyone started to feel like there was possibly another incredibly strong martial artist nearby. They started to get unsettled, and some of them were even already starting to try and squeeze into the center.


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