No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2601

“How could there be one more person?! Who is that? Does anyone know him? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him before, so he shouldn’t be part of Phoenix Valley. How did he appear here?!”

Elder Eliot could not help but ask a string of questions. No one present answered him. Other than the four present, who had strange expressions on their faces, all of them looked at the corpse with shocking expressions.

Harold felt like he was about to go crazy. The rest of them did not recognize the corpse, but he could tell that it was Michael’s corpse. Michael was dead while Jackie was not. He was actually dead! What happened? How did things end up like that?!

Everything seemed to be getting derailed, right in front of him. At that moment, Harold did not even dare to wonder if anything else had happened. Johnson looked toward Harold, while Harold exchanged eye contact with Johnson as well.

The two of them had incredibly complicated emotions at that moment. Harold gulped and said, “Something really did happen to him, and the incident cost him his life. Who killed him? Who has the skills to kill Michael? Could there have been another expert who sneaked into Holy Cloud Mountain? Isn’t Holy Cloud Mountain supposed to be sealed?!”

Harold had whispered those words that he uttered earlier. Jackie’s voice was suddenly heard from the crowd, “He must have snuck inside from somewhere else. Only, I don’t know who he offended to end up looking like this and to be thrown here.”

Jackie’s words served as a reminder to everyone. Since he had not been transferred here with everyone, then he must have gotten in from elsewhere. However, Elder Eliot suddenly straightened his body and said, “He absolutely could not have snuck in from elsewhere. Holy Cloud Mountain is a key part of Phoenix Valley. There are formations and arrays all over the place.

“Unless someone is incredibly strong, it’s impossible for anyone to get inside through the barriers. Even if they did force their way inside, there would be alerts. There’s no way I wouldn’t know anything!”

The moment he said that there were curious feelings in everyone’s hearts. However, Harold’s heart felt like it was about to jump up to his throat. If they continued investigating the matter, Harold and Johnson would probably be discovered.

It was not just Harold who thought of that, Johnson next to him was suddenly incredibly anxious as well. The two of them froze as their hearts beat incredibly quickly, they were terrified.

Harold had found Michael through various connections and a ton of spirit crystals. Only then did Harold manage to sneak inside. If they decided to look into the matter without any concern for the consequences, they would definitely find out about everything. If everything ended up being revealed, then Harold and Johnson would have nowhere to run.

With Elder Eliot’s personality, he would investigate everything thoroughly after he returned to Phoenix Valley. After all, Holy Cloud Mountain was incredibly important to Phoenix Valley.

If anything happened to Holy Cloud Mountain, it would directly impact Phoenix Valley at a time when things had not been peaceful either.

The Middle Province Alchemist Alliance was being targeted, and even got into conflict with someone. At a key time like this, no one would be able to stomach if there was a leak in Holy Cloud Mountain!

“I remember now!” White suddenly shouted out with widened eyes.

Everyone immediately got quiet at his words. White pointed at Michael’s corpse and said, “He’s Michael, an inner disciple. I’ve seen him on the other side before.”

The ‘other side’ that Michael was referring to was where the martial artists gathered. When Elder Eliot heard that he immediately said, “He’s an inner disciple of Phoenix Valley?”


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