No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2600

Harold knew that Johnson was right, but he could not control his composure at that moment. When he saw Jackie standing there upright, Harold felt like his anger was about to boil over. He was struggling to even hold on.

He had no way to vent, so he was forced to target Johnson, “It’s been so many years, but you haven’t grown at all. All you know is to scheme and play it safe, but you’ve never learned that you need to move forward to accomplish great things. All you know is to be careful, but that means you won’t have much of a future!”

Johnson’s face stiffened when he heard that. He knew that Harold was just using him to vent and that he should swallow it, but those words really did frustrate Johnson.

Elder Eliot yawned a few times before he left the tree he was leaning against. He glanced at everyone present.

“You’re all more or less here. There should still be three or four people lagging behind. I told you before that I don’t have a good temper. The ones who are late won’t just be scolded by me…”

The moment he said that a sharp cry could be heard from the forest. Everyone was shocked by the cry and looked toward where it came from.

Elder Eliot frowned as he took out his weapon from his spatial storage. Everyone was already incredibly anxious thanks to the cry, and Elder Eliot shouted out angrily, “Everyone gathers at the transfer array. Prepare to leave!”

After he shouted that, a green figure ran out of the forest. Elder Eliot looked at the person and immediately shouted, “White, what happened? Were you the one shouting earlier?!”

White nodded as he answered, running toward them, “There’s a dead body! Half of the corpse was torn apart! It looks horrifying! The body is just right there, hurry up and take a look!”

“A dead body?” Elder Eliot frowned as he shouted out with a strange expression. The words had immediately triggered Elder Eliot to move.

He immediately pulled out a scroll and observed every name on it. The identification badges are connected directly to that scroll. As long as someone died, there would be an indication on the scroll.

The scroll was calm at that moment, there were no notifications. That meant that no one was dead, so White was just blindly shouting for no reason.

Elder Eliot looked up angrily and replied, “What are you shouting about? Who died? No one died!”

White pointed at where he had come from with an upset look and said, “There really is a corpse. You’ll know if you just go and take a look!”

Elder Eliot frowned anxiously. It did not seem like White was lying. He sighed. Since White had said it that way, there was no reason not to bring everyone over.

Elder Eliot waved, and all of the alchemists present followed behind him and headed toward where White was pointing. It was about four hundred meters away from the transfer array, a mutilated corpse was lying among the grass.

There was a dense smell of blood around the area, and fresh blood stained the grass. It looks incredibly bloody and ghastly. White no longer needed to say anything, the scene had proven it.

Elder Eliot was stunned as the frown froze on his face. He reached out and pointed at that body with a trembling hand.


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