No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2599

The two of them walked over slowly and seemed incredibly carefree. Jackie’s follower had somehow found himself a fan. The weather was not even that hot, but he still fanned himself as he walked, looking incredibly pleased.

It was not just Johnson who was speechless, even Harold looked like he had swallowed a few flies. He had an incredibly sour look on his face. Rudy almost let out a laugh when he saw their widened eyes.

He whispered to Jackie, “It’s just as we expected. Just look at their expressions, it’s like their own fathers just died. This is hilarious.”

Jackie grunted lightly and nodded before whispering, “Control your emotions. We have to act like we don’t know anything, and nothing has happened.”

Rudy nodded seriously. The two of them had discussed things for a long time. The fact that Harold and Johnson dared to do that means that the two of them still had things up their sleeves.

Harold’s face turned purple as he looked like he had seen a ghost. He looked on at Jackie who was walking toward them and found himself struggling to even breathe.

Jackie was not dead?! How could he not be dead? What was Michael doing? Did Michael really end up regretting things as they thought? Was that why he did not attack Jackie?

However, Michael had never done something like that before. Michael had even killed people who were more talented than Jackie before, so why did he not kill Jackie? What happened?

Those thoughts floated around Harold’s mind like huge waves. No matter how well Harold could control his emotions, he could no longer calm himself down. He really wanted to pull Michael over and properly ask him what had happened!

He had spent a lot of money to hire Michael. He had even bribed a steward so the steward would send Michael here ahead of time. Just setting up the proper connections had used up more than half a month of Harold’s time.

Yet, Jackie still stood there as if nothing had happened. It meant that all the hard work and money he had spent were all wasted. Looking at Jackie’s calm expression that seemed like nothing had happened, Harold was infuriated.

It was like a massive rock pressing down on his body. He could spit out a mouthful of blood and die at any moment! Johnson immediately knew that Harold was about to lose control of his expression.

He hurriedly grabbed Harold’s arm and whispered, “Calm down. This is actually

good news for us.”

Harold turned around angrily when he heard that. His eyes widened as he replied, “Good news? How is it good news? Don’t you see Jackie standing right there, perfectly fine? He’s standing there alive, but you say it’s good news? Is something wrong with your head? Have you gone crazy?!”

Harold felt like he was about to be angered to death. His entire body was filled with anger. If he did not have a shred of reason left, he would have rushed right at Jackie.

Johnson said helplessly, “It means that Michael did not attack him at all. Even though we don’t know why he broke off the agreement, at least we’re safe for the moment.

“Michael has a deal with us. If we sell him out, he won’t be in a good position either. So even though he didn’t complete the task, at least the information wasn’t leaked out. We’ve definitely wasted our effort and resources, but at least we’re safe.”


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