No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2598

Hearing that, Harold’s tense face eased up. The two of them did profit quite a bit this time. Eighth-grade materials might not be incredibly large fortunes to them, but it was still an unexpected windfall.

Eighth-grade materials were all incredibly expensive. They had even managed to pick two up. They were definitely much luckier than they had been in the past.

Johnson let out a cold laugh as he raised an eyebrow, “That group of guys must be incredibly happy. The two of us haven’t looked for them because we have something on our minds. If it was before, everything good they got would be ours.”

Harold nodded proudly, “They won’t be so lucky next time.”

As he said that, the identification badge suddenly glowed in red light. The red light was like a thin line, leading the way to a specific location. The two of them exchanged a look and nodded to each other at the sight.

When the red light started to glow, it meant the three days were already up. They needed to head back to the transfer array. Elder Eliot was incredibly strict. If they were late, they might very well be punished.

They did not dare to delay as they headed straight for the transfer array following the red light. After approximately four hours, they started to see the large transfer array.

There were around seventy to eighty people there when they arrived. Everyone had happy looks on their faces as they discussed. their earnings.

When the two of them arrived near the transfer array, those more familiar with them greeted them while the unfamiliar ones looked at them warily, making some space for them.

Harold and Johnson calmly stood at the empty spot. Since they were more talented than others, the two of them regularly received special treatment, so they did not think anything was odd.

Elder Eliot leaned against a large tree. In his mouth was a small wooden stick that had appeared out of nowhere. He had an impatient look on his face.

Harold swept his gaze across everyone present. When he saw that Jackie was not there, he let out a breath of relief as he relaxed slightly.

Even though it was still early, most of the alchemists were already gathered there. The fact that Jackie was still not around meant that Jackie must already be dead. The thought played around in his head, but Johnson looked at him with a concerned expression, “Harold… something’s wrong.”

Those words shook Harold’s heart as he looked up abruptly and replied, “What’s wrong? Can you please speak clearly? Are you trying to scare me by finishing your sentence?”

Johnson took a deep breath as he tried his best to calm himself down, “If Jackie died, would Elder Eliot be so calm? Don’t forget that the identification badge will alert him if anyone dies.

“Elder Eliot is leaning against the tree so casually, it’s obvious that nothing happened. If something really bad happened, he would absolutely be on high alert!”

Those words shocked Harold as his eyes widened. Only then did he recall the key use of the identification badge. Johnson frowned, wanting to continue, but a familiar figure caught his eye.

He swallowed his words before he could speak as he turned around suddenly. He saw that Jackie was slowly walking toward them, and behind Jackie was his little follower.


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