No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2597

The crime of trying to kill another alchemist was something the two of them could not bear. Even if they had someone to back them up, there was no way they could be protected. After all, that act was far too evil.

Johnson reached out and patted Harold on the arm before saying, “There’s no reason to doubt Michael’s skills, so he must have changed his mind. I just wonder why he suddenly changed his mind. Could he think that killing Jackie would be incredibly troublesome?”

Harold shook his head, looked at Johnson seriously, and replied, “It’s not the first time Michael has done a deal like this. I looked for him precisely because he’s experienced with these things.

“The person who recommended him has used him before. Michael is very trustworthy, and he’s intelligent as well. He does things cleanly and has never leaked out any information.”

Johnson raised an eyebrow, “If that’s the case, we don’t have to be too worried. At the very least, Michael is someone who knows what to do. Even though he isn’t here for some reason, he was probably held up by something. He probably found some incredibly valuable material…”

Harold shook his head and replied, “I’d be even more worried if that was the case. Michael is quite poor. The fact that he does all of this means he lacks resources and spirit crystals.

“That’s more reason for him to be here on time. The fact that he is not here just means that something must have happened. I wonder if that guy is dead or not!”

As he said that, Harold clenched his fists tightly. He was most worried about whether Jackie was still alive. He would be even more frustrated if that was the case.

Just thinking about Jackie’s face made him want to send a few slaps at Jackie. He still vividly remembered how he was humiliated in the Elder Hall. In the task hall, Jackie had not given way to him and had even embarrassed him in front of everyone.

In the Elder Hall, Jackie had deliberately humiliated him again. He had never been so embarrassed in his life. Jackie was basically his arch-nemesis. He would absolutely not allow Jackie to remain alive.

Johnson frowned. It was obvious how much Harold hated Jackie from his expression. If Jackie did not die, Harold might end up spitting blood in frustration.

He took a deep breath, thinking about it for a while before saying, “He must be dead. If Michael is really that trustworthy, then he must have had his eyes on Jackie the moment we stepped into this place.

I feel like he must have encountered something

else that would delay him from coming here after killing Jackie. It’s not that he did not kill Jackie.”

Harold nodded after a long while, “You’re right. Michael is an incredibly trustworthy assassin. Could he have encountered some other danger or been spotted by someone?”

Johnson shook his head, not daring to say his thoughts. Even if he told them, they would have no way to solve the problems anyway. He opened up Harold’s hand and placed the White Phoenix Fruit back in Harold’s palm.

“We’re quite lucky this time. Not only did we get eighth-grade White Phoenix Fruits, but we also picked up Eighth-Grade Turtle Blood Grasses. If we redeem them at the task hall, they’d be worth quite a few spirit crystals. We profited quite a lot this time, so we should relax a bit.


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