No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2596

Jackie’s words stunned Rudy once again. After a long time, Rudy nodded and said, “You’re right, if he accuses Harold of anything, he would be implicating himself. He would definitely be punished. If we let him go, we’ve lost any control over him. He can do whatever he wants, so why would he pay such a large price to accuse Harold…”

Jackie nodded as he looked at Rudy as if Rudy had finally learned something, “It’s good that you understand that. That’s why it was pointless to listen to those dumb claims from the guy. He had to die today. I won’t relax unless a rabid dog like that dies by my own hands.”

Rudy nodded with a frown, “I’m still not happy about it. Are we just going to ignore what happened today? Are we just going to let go of the fact that Harold hired an assassin to kill us?”

Rudy said all of that through clenched teeth. If Jackie had not been strong enough, the two of them would not be able to walk out of Holy Cloud Mountain alive. Rudy was furious just thinking about it, unwilling to let go of such an incident.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, “Don’t worry. Since he dared to do something like that, he’ll naturally have to bear the consequences. It’s not like you didn’t hear what that person said earlier.

“He’d done something to stop himself from being killed off and silenced after the fact. We don’t know what he did, but something will happen later on.”

Rudy frowned, shaking his head and not really agreeing to it, “Who knows what he did? What if he was lying? After all, he didn’t really say anything. You should probably have killed him later so we can ask what exactly it was that he did. We’d at least be prepared for it.”

Jackie let out a light smile as he looked over at the dense forest. In front of them was a winding road, and other than the leaves and grass, they could not see anything else.

Everything around him was green. Jackie paused for a long time before he said, “There are some things that we don’t have to do anything about for the results to end up the way we want them to. Don’t panic.”

Before the third evening, Harold was frowning intensely. It was only four hours away from when they needed to go back to the transfer array. He was plucking some White Phoenix fruits while he thought about something.

Johnson had been with him the whole time. The moment he saw Harold’s expression, he knew what Harold was worried about. Johnson hurriedly walked up to Harold and grabbed the White Phoenix Fruit away.

“Stop squeezing it, it will be useless if you

squeeze it any longer. Didn’t you tell me not to let my thoughts wander? So why are you being so worried now?”

Harold sighed as he looked into the distance and said, “Michael agreed to meet me hereafter everything was done. We’d then give him the final sum.

“We’ve already waited for three days, but he’s still not here yet. If nothing happened, then he probably changed his mind.”

Johnson sighed helplessly. He did not want to vent at that moment, because if he did, their mood would absolutely plummet. They might even start panicking and end up unable to react to anything.

They had been taking a huge risk the whole time anyway. If anyone knew what they did, they would definitely be dragged to the Elder Hall and be investigated by all the higher-ups.


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