No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2595

Jackie smirked as he said, “You’re quite smart, aren’t’ you? You’re throwing away all responsibility and acting like you’re the victim. Do you think I’m dumb?

“You talk as if this has nothing to do with you at all. If my skills were weaker than yours and I was the one on the ground, would you let me off if I begged for mercy like you did?”

That word rendered Michael speechless. The truth was just that simple. If Jackie was the one on the ground begging Michael for mercy, Michael would probably have never even blinked an eye before killing Jackie.

Jackie would have been killed on the spot. Since that was the case, why would Jackie let Michael off? Rudy coldly snorted as he said to Michael, “If you hadn’t treated us like idiots, or if Jackie wasn’t strong enough, the two of us would be trapped still trying to speak about justice right now? You’re absolutely shameless!”

Michael frantically struggled as he pursed his lips and said, “You still can’t kill me! I’m useful to you. If you let me go, I assure you that I’ll help you deal with Harold!”

Jackie let out a laugh as he looked on at Michael swearing that he would definitely help Jackie. The oath had zero trustworthiness in Jackie’s eyes, which made Jackie’s disdain more apparent.

Michael continued to frantically try to save himself, “I definitely held back just now! I was worried that Harold would kill me off to shut me up about the murder after I kill you. As long as you let me off, I’ll definitely make Harold pay!”

Jackie narrowed his eyebrows as he nodded at Michael. Seeing Jackie’s nod, Michael excitedly struggled a few times. Even though his soul was still in constant pain, Jackie still nodded. It meant he still had a second chance, Michael felt a chill on his neck. Red blood started to flow out, staining his whole face. At that moment, Michael did not even have the chance to react. All he could do was reach out his hand to cover his neck.

He looked at Jackie in confusion. When he saw the dagger in Jackie’s hand, Michael started to panic. The panic did not last that long before he completely stopped breathing. He lay on the floor, motionless.

Jackie sheathed his weapon and stood up straight as he said calmly, “If I had let you off, you’d be a dog that could come back to bite me at any moment. How could I let you live?”

Rudy was stunned at how decisive Jackie was. He immediately asked, “This guy is still someone valuable, why did you just kill him?”

Jackie lightly grunted, “Where do you think his value lies?”

“He can help us be a witness against Harold. Without his words, we won’t have any direct evidence to prove that Harold had sent someone to kill us. Without proof, we can’t possibly accuse Harold of anything.”

Jackie nodded slowly, “You might be right, but that guy was not someone we could afford to not be worried about. If we let him go it would be like releasing a ticking time bomb. He could come back and bite us at any moment.

“He swore away to us that he would definitely help us accuse Harold. However, don’t forget that accusing Harold of anything would directly mean confirming his own crime. Do you think he would be able to escape that?

“Being used by someone to kill an alchemist that Phoenix Valley was painstakingly cultivating. If his crime was established, he would definitely be kicked out of Phoenix Valley. Do you think he would be willing to pay such a big price?”


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