No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2594

The pain felt from a soul being torn apart could even destroy a man with incredible willpower. Many warriors who thought they were of strong will had all been unable to withstand the test of having their souls damaged.

Michael, who had been so arrogant before, was rolling on the floor like a wet dog. At that moment, Michael could not be bothered with his reputation and honor. The pain from his soul being torn caused him to feel pain even when he panted.

Rudy hurriedly scurried over. Thankfully, Jackie had held back when he threw him away, so he was not injured. After crawling back and seeing that scene, he did not know what else to say.

Michael did not look like a warrior at all at that point. He merely looked like a crazed man who had not showered in years. Rudy’s lips stiffened as he looked up at Jackie.

Jackie merely stared coldly at Michael as expressionless as usual. His expression did not seem to change at all, causing Rudy to start to feel confident.

“Is it really that painful?” Rudy mumbled to himself.

Jackie grunted, “Why don’t you try it out yourself? As long as you try it, you’ll realize how painful having your soul torn apart can be.”

Rudy frantically shook his head when he heard that. Even though he had asked that question, it was obvious how painful and torturous having one soul torn apart like that was from how much Michael was struggling on the ground.

Michael had seemed so prideful when he showed off in front of them earlier, but he was already reduced to that state. Rudy could not help but sighed.

“Save me! I don’t dare anymore! You’re amazing! I went against the wrong person! I’m begging you, let me go!” Michael started to shout out.

At that moment, he was already mentally drained from the torture and had lost his sense of reasoning. He could no longer hold on.

Jackie raised an eyebrow and remained unmoving. His face was emotionless as well. Jackie was like a spectator, quietly watching Michael suffer.

Michael’s face was full of sweat thanks to the pain. He tried to move toward Jackie, and grab Jackie’s clothes. It was as if that was the only way he would have any hope.

“Let me go! I have no grudges against you. The one who wants to kill you is Harold. He was the one who wanted to use me to kill you. It has nothing to do with me, I’m just a hired hand!”

Those words caused Jackie to laugh. Even his shoulders started to move as he laughed. He kept the sword in his hand as he said, “Don’t you think it’s hilarious? It has nothing to do with you? Are you telling me you came here to befriend me instead of killing me?!”

That was one of the funniest things Jackie had heard in his many years alive. In order to clear himself, Michael seemed willing to say anything. He even tried to convince Jackie that this matter had nothing to do with him. He was merely just helping someone eliminate a person for money.

Michael looked up and said, “I’m just a killer that’s being used. I have no grudges against you. You don’t have to kill me. It will be useful to you to keep me alive. Once we go back, I’ll be your witness and help locate the person who wanted to kill you. He will definitely suffer a heavy punishment then!”

Michael tried to beg Jackie, looking at Jackie like Jackie was his savior.


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