No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2593

Michael stepped forward and shot at Jackie like a bullet. He seemed like a fire god in the air as his whole body started to be enveloped in flame. The sword in his hand seemed to be covered in lava as an intense heat suddenly filled the air.

Rudy, who was standing behind Jackie, was already suffering from so much heat that he could not open his eyes. His skin felt like it was being burnt as he wailed, “It’s so hot! I’m dying from the heat!”

Jackie sighed helplessly as he grabbed Rudy’s arm. He activated his true energy as he pushed Rudy away. Before Rudy could even finish crying out, he was already pushed away by Jackie.

In a fight at that level, Rudy was basically cannon fodder. There was no way Rudy would survive the battle.

Jackie faced the flames that covered every

inch of space with a cold expression and sword in his hand, his whole body was completely covered by a gray glow.

Michael was surrounded by an intense light as he brought his flames forward. Even with how bright it was, there was no way for him to pierce through the darkness around Jackie. At that moment, Jackie was like a vortex of darkness that did not allow a shred of light in.

After Michael displayed his martial skill, Jackie had immediately seen through his rank. It was a middle earth rank technique. The guy should only have mastered the first stage and was still far from mastery.

Jackie let out a cold laugh. When the flames surged forward, he launched himself forward as well. He headed right to the flames as Jackie held his sword with both hands, slashing right at the light.

The power of Destroying the Void turned into a pitch-black slash. It clashed with the

sea of flames. Compared to the overwhelming sea of flames, the black glow seemed minuscule.

Yet, when the two of them clashed together, the black glow suddenly seemed to gain a power it did not have before and cut a hole in the sea of flames.

Jackie had always known how to use the laws of space. When he used Destroying the Void, he applied the laws of space to it as well. The slash that was condensed from Destroying the Void arrived in front of Michael in a flash thanks to the help of the laws of space.

It had arrived in front of Michael in less than a blink of an eye. Everything had happened far too quickly. He had thought that a small slash would definitely not match up to his sea of flames.

Yet, Jackie’s skill which did not seem to have many energy fluctuations had easily pierced through his flames. It arrived in front of him incredibly quickly!

“How is it so fast?!” Michael cried out.

It was already too late to say anything by then. Michael had yet to recover from using his power, and the sword he held was unable to shield him from everything. With a slash, the black aura pierced into Michael’s chest.

Jackie had controlled the slash incredibly precisely. It had hit Michael’s chest but had not hit his heart. Michael’s wails of pain could be heard in the air as he collapsed and struggled on the ground.

He had fallen to the ground with a crash. Thankfully, he had already trained for many years, and his body had already been refined. Even if he fell from a high place, he had not sustained any heavy injuries.

The slash on his chest instead caused him to lose all his strength. “Ah… it’s so painful!” Michael wailed hoarsely.


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