No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2592

Jackie spoke in a clear and resolved tone. It stunned Michael, who was standing in front of him. Even his eyes threatened to pop out of their sockets. After a long time, he answered, “Are you crazy?”

Jackie lightly snorted, “I won’t harm those who don’t harm me first. You brought this onto yourself today.”

Jackie’s words caused Michael to laugh. He laughed as he took out his weapon, “There are strange things every year. There are especially many this year. Have you really gone crazy? Do you think you can deal with me at your level?

“Even though I can’t tell how strong you are now, do you really think I’d be afraid of an alchemist trying to pretend to be strong in front of me?”

After saying that, Michael’s cold smile intensified. Jackie’s calm demeanor was just smoke and mirrors. He was just an alchemist, how could Jackie possibly hope to defeat Michael?

Jackie was just trying to fool Michael with all those words. Michael assumed that Jackie wanted him to think that Jackie was strong so he would hesitate to make a move against Jackie. Jackie would then try to leave the place…

With that in mind, Michael looked at Jackie in disdain. He had thought that Jackie really was brave, but it had just been a petty scheme. He had been distracted by Jackie’s expression and thought that Jackie was actually skilled.

Michael let out a laugh, “Don’t think you can fool me by acting like this. I’ve seen so many people on this journey to becoming a warrior. Which type of people have I not met before?”

“There are plenty who only know how to use petty ploys like you. I’ll never let you leave this place alive!”

Michael practically shouted out those words. His face was incredibly resolved as if he was a god that was determining the life and death of others. It greatly amused Jackie.

Jackie coldly laughed, not wanting to talk to Michael anymore. He lightly raised the sword in his hand as runes started to dance around his fingers. Seventy Soul Swords condensed in front of him in the flash of an eye.

Jackie reached out to the Soul Swords like a general summoning his troops, they flew and merged into Jackie’s blade incredibly quickly, enveloping Jackie’s sword in a dark black glow.

At that moment, Jackie showed no emotion on his face. His aura felt like he could suppress everything in the world. Looking at Jackie, Michael could not help but frown, suddenly having an unsettling feeling in his heart.

He had clearly not felt any large energy fluctuations from Jackie, and the martial skill Jackie had just displayed was nothing particularly eye-catching, yet Michael could not help but panic.

It was as if the person in front of him was not an early innate realm little ant, but an unrivaled warrior. Michael shook his head vigorously, throwing aside the fear he had felt in his heart.

As a warrior, he could not afford to feel fear. The moment he had that feeling in his heart, he would lose the determination to fight and might even lose the battle because of it.

Even though he did not think that he would lose to an alchemist, the habits of a warrior forced him to calm down. Michael took a few deep breaths as he clenched the sword in his hand tightly. After making the mental preparations, he looked up, “Don’t think that I’ll be afraid of you just because of your empty actions!”


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