No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2591

Jackie’s words had stunned Michael. He never expected Jackie to manage to guess who had sent him so easily.

However, it was fine even if Jackie had managed to guess it. Jackie was already dead meat in Michael’s eyes. All he needed was one hand to kill Jackie. There was no way Jackie would be able to survive.

It would be fine even if he revealed the full truth to Jackie.

Michael nodded, “You’re not just composed, you’re quite smart as well. I heard you’re quite talented in alchemy. It’s just a pity that you offended someone you shouldn’t have.

“Some people really don’t treasure their lives, offending everyone around. The two of you deserve this consequence.”

Jackie let out a cold grunt. He had been right,the two of them had refused to relent. However, they were not that dumb for managing to craft this plan to kill him.

If he was the person they thought he was, the plan would have been a success. After all, Holy Cloud Mountain was an incredibly big place. It was an amazing place to kill someone.

The person who was taking action would not be Harold or Johnson either. The two of them would be far away, which would be shown on their identification badges. They would not be at the same place with Jackie at all, so even if Jackie died, it would have nothing to do with them.

Thinking about that, Jackie suddenly smiled, “The first time we met, I actually thought that Harold’s mind was empty. Now it seems like he’s not that stupid. The plan is actually quite good…”

Michael could not help but frown at those words. He felt like Jackie seemed to have a very strange expression. Jackie seems to be too calm as if Michael was not a threat at all.

Michael found that very strange. Could he be looking down on his strength? The person behind Jackie was clearly so scared. that his whole body was shaking, completely frozen by him.

Yet, how was Jackie so calm? Jackie was so calm that Michael frowned at how strange it was.

“Don’t think that I’ll be afraid of you just because you seem so calm. You might be alchemists that are respected among warriors, but in terms of combat, you’re all useless. I can kill you with one hand.”

Jackie merely smiled as he said nothing. If it was anyone else, those words would be true. Michael’s frown deepened. After all, Jackie was acting very strange. Could that guy be crazy?

He walked forward and pointed to himself,

“Can you not see how strong I am?”

Jackie nodded as he answered calmly, “Of course, I can. You’re at the early stage of the spring solidifying realm. I estimate that you should be at least among the top one hundred among the inner disciples.”

Michael felt even weirder at Jackie’s words. Jackie’s eyes were really sharp as his judgment had been right. Michael was not just in the first hundred, he was among the top fifty disciples.

Even though he was not among the strongest, he definitely was no weakling. As long as he worked hard, he would be a chosen disciple eventually.

Since Jackie could tell what his strength was, Jackie should also be able to tell that he was also skilled. How was Jackie still able to maintain that expression? Jackie let out a sigh as he took out a black sword from his storage space.

He aimed the sword right at Michael’s

forehead and said, “If you want to kill me,

then come.”


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