No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2590

Rudy’s face stiffened at Jackie’s words. Thinking about it, he felt like Jackie was right. He really was doing all of that at the wrong time and place. If he wasted all his precious time on that matter, it would be incredibly stupid.

He took a deep breath, feeling like something was wrong with him at that moment. He shook his head vigorously, tossing those errant thoughts aside before he walked forward and arrived next to Jackie.

At that moment, he cast his gaze throughout his surroundings to see if he could find anything that was hidden among the grass. However, in a short moment, he found himself frozen.

Rudy grabbed Jackie’s arm, causing Jackie to frown. Jackie could clearly feel the hand that Rudy had on his arm was trembling slightly.

It was as if Rudy had discovered something incredible.

He immediately turned to look at Rudy who had his eyes widened. Rudy had one hand on his arm and another hand pointing in a certain direction.

Jackie followed where his finger was pointing and noticed a black-clothed man standing quietly about a dozen or so meters away from them, looking at the two of them coldly.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, lamenting that his senses were far too dull. Someone was standing there, but he had actually not felt it. However, Jackie could not be blamed for it.

None of them who came to Holy Cloud Mountain was at the spring solidifying realm, so Jackie did not think that anyone would be able to hide from him and thus lowered his guard.

“Who is this…” Rudy’s voice was a little


Even though Rudy was not that strong, he could still tell that the black-clothed man was already in the spring solidifying realm. On top of that, he was staring at them with an incredibly cold gaze. It was obvious that he was not friendly.

A spring solidifying realm expert was a mountain that Rudy could not overcome. If he fought against someone from the spring solidifying realm, he would die in a flash.

There was too large of a gulf between the two of them. No matter physically or mentally, Rudy was feeling a lot of pressure. Jackie raised an eyebrow as he reached out and pushed Rudy behind him.

At that moment, Rudy could do nothing other than relying on Jackie to protect him. Jackie felt like anyone who would cause them trouble and wanted to kill them would definitely be aiming for him and not Rudy.

However, Rudy was already incredibly fearful. He looked up and said emotionally, “Didn’t you say that we should be safe for the time being? They’re still here! Are we going to disappear like how Grayson did…”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he looked at Rudy helplessly. He reached out and pat Rudy on the arm.

He said in a calm tone, “I can’t be sure about anything else, but this person who suddenly appeared in front of us is absolutely not with those people.”

Michael let out a cold laugh as he stepped out of the trees after hearing what Jackie had said. His eyes were like hooks as they were fixated on Jackie.

“You’re one of the most composed people I’ve seen. I thought that you would immediately start crying and begging for mercy the moment you saw me.”

Jackie let out a cold smile as he measured the man in front of him. The man had black clothes on and did not cover his face at all. The fact he stood right in front of Jackie led Jackie to conclude that the man was there to silence him forever.

After thinking about it, two faces flashed in Jackie’s mind. He let out a soft laugh as he said incredibly calmly, “Was it Harold who invited you here?”


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