No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2589

Once everyone had arrived at the Holy Cloud Mountain, Elder Eliot announced that they were free to do anything they wanted for the next three days. They would not be disturbed by anyone during that period.

After three days, they would all have to gather there. Everyone would be sent back to Phoenix Valley. Elder Eliot seemed to be worried that any accidents would happen, so he repeated it a few times.

After everyone promised that they would not do anything they should not, he let everyone leave.

Jackie did not delay things for a single moment before heading in a direction that not many have taken. Rudy followed closely behind him like an unshakeable tail.

The two of them walked deeper into Holy Cloud Mountain as they talked. Rudy was still hung up on Harold and Johnson, and whether or not they would try to pull any tricks.

“I’m still a bit worried. I feel like the two of them were looking at both of us really strangely earlier. It was as if they were about to get what they wanted. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.”

Jackie nodded, “They’re allowed to think what they want to. As long as they dare to pull anything, they’ll be the ones to suffer.

“Holy Cloud Mountain must be really amazing if everyone reveres it so much. What we need to do right now is focus on collecting materials. We’ll definitely be able to profit a lot.”

Jackie’s thoughts were fully on spirit crystals at that moment. After gathering high leveled materials, he would definitely be able to get a lot of spirit crystals.

When Jackie advanced, he ascertained his own direction. He did not actually have a

goal at that moment. He merely did not want to go in the same direction as any last group. He felt like trouble always started when he met other alchemists.

It was better for him to travel where there were fewer people. Even though the place seemed more isolated, at least he would not get involved in any conflicts.

Rudy could not stop talking. Most of his focus was on Phoenix Valley and Grayson. What those two people were talking about earlier caused Rudy to wonder what was happening outside.

“I feel like something must definitely have happened, but I can’t seem to figure out what exactly it is. We all know what kind of a group the Middle Provine Alchemist Alliance is. It’s been in the Middle Kingdom for so many years, what kind of group would dare to go against it?

“I really can’t figure out what happened outside. I’m really eager to leave this place right now. I feel like I’ve been in prison ever since I came to Phoenix Valley. It feels so uncomfortable.”

Jackie nodded. It was a problem that had been on his mind for a while. He did not have enough evidence, so he did not know if his speculations were accurate.

Rudy walked a few steps forward and said, “There’s been way too many weird things happening lately. Could Grayson’s incident have something to do with it as well? How did he go missing? Could it really be because he did something with us, or is it because there’s something different about him…”

Jackie helplessly stopped walking and replied, “Even if you completely wreck your brains, you won’t be able to figure it out. There’s no reason to waste your time on it.

“Why are you here? Isn’t it to get materials? Why are you wasting your precious time thinking about something you can’t get any answers to? Are you dumb?”


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